Battle for Bottle-Cap Canyon – Info and Rules

The event has a $5 entry fee. You get to borrow a blaster and there are a lot of them to choose from, ammo is also provided (standard darts only, no rival, disc, mega, or missile is available). If you bring your own blaster, there is a discount! Donations to ammo stocks are appreciated. Any blasters you bring with you must be inspected by panel staff, up-powered modifications are frowned upon.

  When you get in, you can choose a blaster, and will need to put on an armband for your team colors and a pair of safety glasses. The teams will be briefed on the rules, and then the match can begin!

The combat zone consists of 3 forts, one for each faction. Inside your fort is spare ammo, cover to hide behind, and your bottle-cap collection box.

Outside the forts, it is a wasteland, check inside containers to find cloth bags of bottle caps and return them to your fort. But look out, the wasteland is quite open, and the opposing factions will be gunning for you.

Matches will take 20 minutes, with 10 minutes between them for rest and reset.

You can not take borrowed blasters, ammo, armbands, or safety glasses out of the event room. If you need to take a break or sit out a match, you may do so, there is no additional same-day entry fee.

The Rules of battle are as follows:

#1: No running, no Jumping, no climbing on or over furniture/scenery.

#2: No melee, do not trip, hit, pistol whip, or otherwise touch other players in an aggressive manner. This will result in dismissal from the game.

#3: Do not aim for the face.

#4: Do not aim upwards. Just check your targets and avoid any damage to hotel property. (lights and so forth)

#5: When you are hit by a Nerf dart, drop any Bottle cap-bags you are carrying on the ground and return to your team’s respawn area.

#6: To respawn, count to 10 while touching the respawn beacon, then return to battle. You may not collect ammo, or move bottle-cap bags when dead.

#7: When you collect bottle-cap bags, either from a fallen enemy or loot container, do not hide them in pockets or clothing, you must carry them by hand. You may keep looking for more, or return to base at any time to add them to your team’s collection pool.

#8: Do not throw anything. Be it ammo, weapons, bottle caps, or magazines.