Live Action Gaming

Dueling Club!
I say good sir, you doth insulteth me! I Challenge you to a duel! Have at thee!! Challenge your friends and others to duels. Pick your weapons, Nerf pistols at 10 paces? Or do you fancy a fencing match with pool noodles?

Make your way up the brackets, and see who comes out on top!

•The First Rule of Fight Club is… talk about fight club! No, really, go tell your friends how much fun you had.
• Second Rule, just follow the instructions of the people directing the event.
• 3rd, and most importantly, have fun!

Kraken Chasm Relay
Deep in the dark abyss, a chasm full of sea monsters and long sunken treasure is waiting to be explored. Fancy yourself as a sprinter? Why not compete in a race?! But it isn’t just about speed, at certain points you have to complete an activity before handing off the flag to your team’s next runner. So pony up, get set, and go earn your faction some points!

Quarrel at the Coral Corral
There is fighting at the Coral Corral! The factions are fighting for control over the seabed and it’s up to you to see who wins! It’s a full blown Nerf war, full of foam flinging action! Ammunition is provided, as well as blasters. Just sign up at the Info Desk!

Coral Corral: Operation Dark Abyss
Most of the con is asleep or hungover… passed out after an epic weekend. but the factions are trying to send in elite operatives in a daring night raid to score some extra points. Your mission, should you be awake to accept it, is to fight for your faction in the dark abyss! A Nerf stealth op engagement!! The battlefield is dark, use targeting lights to help find the enemy, but be careful, they will hear you coming.

Splat Fest!
On a desolate field, two sides gather with water guns, to settle their differences… Luna or Celestia? The battle is on, Its a water fight! Start out with a little water pistol, and run onto the field to claim heavy weapons for your team. Last pony standing earns their faction a point, and a vote to decide who is best princess.

Sponsors Only: Fencing class!

Want a bit of extra edge in the Dueling Club? Sponsor Badge Holders can come to this event and get tips and pointers. Fence with some pool noodle swords, have a laugh, and get some practice in.