Quarrel at the Coral Corral – Info and Rules

There is fighting at the Coral Corral! The factions are fighting for control over the seabed and it’s up to you to see who wins! It’s a full blown Nerf war, full of foam flinging action!

Ammunition is provided, as well as blasters. Just sign up at the Info Desk!
Nerf Day Pass Prices
•• Friday is $6 ••
•• Saturday is $12 ••
•• Sunday is $6 ••
•• Or a weekend pass for $15! ••
• Entry must be purchased for a single day or weekend pass. Either online or at the con’s info desk.
• You may bring your own blaster, but it is not required. Many blasters owned by the event are onsite and available to borrow.

•Ammo/darts are provided for use at the events. You may bring your own, but it is VERY likely to get lost and mixed in with event owned darts. If you wish to donate darts, it is appreciated.
Ammo available for use: standard micro darts and Mega Darts.

•You may bring Rival blasters, however the event does not have ammunition supplies for these. Bring your own balls.

• Again, if you bring micro darts and/or Mega Darts, YOU WILL LOSE THEM Unless you want to dig through a giant bin near the end of the con.

• Modded blasters are allowed. Including mods to make loading easier, increase fire rate, and cosmetic. (ALL blasters must have orange tips on the barrels). If you have increased the muzzle velocity or strength of the blaster, please inform the event so it can be checked for safety.

• Please do not swap, discard, or move blaster attachments/accessories if you do not own them. Do not put event owned accessories onto your own blasters.

• Excessive cosplay armor is not allowed as it gives too much advantage and the wearers can’t feel when they get hit. What counts as excessive cosplay armor is up to the event administrator to decide.

• Event owned magazines/clips are marked with bright green tape. Please be sure to return any event owned blasters, magazines, darts, and accessories before leaving the event room.

• No running, jumping, or climbing.

• Do not throw anything.

• If you get angry, take a couple minutes to cool off.

• There is absolutely no melee. No pistol whipping, no hitting with rifle stocks. No punching, slapping, or aggressive contact of any form. You will immediately get thrown out of the event, and possibly lose your badge.

• HOWEVER! There are certain objectives and game modifiers which allow a certain person on each team to have a foam sword, including Medics and Officers. You may use these, just don’t hit anyone in the head. and do not swing very hard. Only use the soft foam part of the sword, do not use the hilt.

• When you get shot by a dart (friendly and ricochet do not count), raise your blaster and arms in the air, then go against the wall at the back of your base and wait for the next round. If a medic is in play, lay on the ground(or sit with your hand up, and wait for them to tap you back in)

• There are battle specific game types, your team needs to follow the objectives if you want to “win”. But really, you get to shoot darts at people, everyone is a winner. Lol

• If your borrowed weapon jams or malfunctions, bring it to the table and event staff will fix it or hand you a different blaster. Please do not smack the blasters on the ground or try to force the mechanisms.