Bronies for Good Donations

Submission Procedures for TrotCon Charity Auction:


If you are interested in submitting an item for the TrotCon charity auction, then please fill out this form:
Charity Auction Submissions

At Con:

Feel free to stop by the Bronies for Good table at Trotcon with you item and prepared information that we can use for proper item introduction. It will also help us keep accurate item records for proper financial accountability and accounting.

Item Guidelines:

For an item to be considered eligible for submission to the charity auction, it should adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Tasteful. Keep in mind that this is a public charity auction and that it must have a broad appeal to attract a wide variety of bidders.
2. Items that can be easily autographed. Autographed items are valuable and value translates to more bids and more money for charity!
3. Quality and Scarcity. Although we will accept most item donations, we would prefer to have items that are well-made and unique that will bring ultimately garner higher bids.