Community Guests


Hey, everyone! DaThings1 is here again (you can call him Luke if you want.) DaThings1 started making YTP videos in 2009 and has since grown an audience of over 80,000. With notable works such as “Wow! It’s Made!” and “24601 Releases a Sammich on Parole,” DaThings1 continues to make people laugh with crazy, clean edited works of… um… art? Sure. Let’s call it that.


 Fire Team Harmony

They are a comedic cosplay group that combines the comedic style of Red vs Blue and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Started in the year 2013 by founder Twilight Spartan, the group has grown to include RD Spartan, Spartan Rarity, and even a Spartan Peanut Bucker! FTH makes YouTube videos, streams video games, does podcasts, charity events, and interacts with fans via Twitter and other social media. They also have a Discord network so fans can talk to each other and FTH in real time! Be sure to keep an eye out for Fire Team Harmony throughout the convention,  giving each other quips and banter and interacting with fans of video games, comedy, and, of course, My Little Pony!


Harmony Studios

A brony animation crew . Our group was founded in 2014 by  Victor Vortex. Its home to many animations made by bronies for bronies. We have many upcoming projects and animations on our channel. We also have many more projects that we have planned to show such as MLP FiM shorts, animated “Talking with Ponies” episodes, PMVs, potential Fan Made stories, and much more. We have many more animations coming in future so be sure to check us out on our channel. We look  forward  to seeing all of you soon at TrotCon 2017!

Hobbes Maxwell

Hobbes is a comic illustrator that has been creating as a professional freelancer in the pony fandom and others for many years. In addition to personal works, he’s worked with Ponyfinder and Roan, collaborated with other artists, and helped resurrect TSSSF as well as making many expansions. Most notable recent projects include the illustration for the current printing of Fallout: Equestria. Currently, he is working with his partner Sweet Cream to launch several new tabletop card games as well as continuing to make art for the pony fandom.


Joe Dyer

He is the author of the Fallout: Equestria side fic ‘Starlight’, a 650,000-word story set in the Equestrian Wasteland and one of the first long stories to reach completion. Joe regularly engages the FoE community through his Patreon and social
media such as Reddit while continuing work on ‘Mending Hearts’, a pseudo-sequel to ‘Starlight’. Last year, Joe  completed a round of edits to ‘Starlight’ that allowed him to finally realize his goal of seeing the story in print form, and has since given away several sets of the books as part of contests to his patrons. Outside of writing colorful equine fan fiction, Joe has also started work on an original piece of post apocalyptic fantasy known as ‘The Chronicles of Callust’.


Pony 411

Hosted by Nemesis and Alca7raz, Pony 411 talks about news from the fandom, episodes of the show, fan-created content, MLP comics, and the occasional bit of random nonsense. Sometimes it’s accidentally entertaining! They’ve been around for almost five years. For some reason. Nemesis has been around since the beginning, generally being loud and opinionated. He does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work and finds fanfiction to talk about on the show. He also thinks talking in the third-person is annoying, so this is incredibly awkward. Alca7raz joined the podcast in late 2013, right when season 4 was starting. He’s regretted it ever since. But he still shows up and talks about ponies! And finds us music to listen to.

Robin of My Little Robin: Reviewing Is Magic

He is the premier brony reviewer of Mississippi and creator of the web-series My Little Robin: Reviewing is Magic, now in its fifth season and celebrating its 4th anniversary. He’s also the producer/director of the upcoming Bronalysis Documentary.


 TJ Carson

T.J. Carson is the moderator of a variety of ask blogs on Tumblr, including Ask Pirate Dash, Ask Mic Boom, and Marigold’s Recovery. He has been a member of the My Little Pony fandom since first discovering the magic of friendship in March 2011. He is returning to TrotCon for the fifth time this year and fourth as a community guest.


The Brony Critic

The Brony Critic is Ohio’s premier My Little Pony critic and analyst, specializing in fan works and theories. A professional filmmaker and critic, this will be his fifth year attending TrotCon as a panelist and second as a community guest. The Brony Critic is also a voice actor and writer, currently working on a Doctor Whooves audioplay and the fanfiction series “The Equestrian Cycle”.


WeimTime is the executive producer of WeimTime LLC, an established media production business in the fandom. While many know him and his team for their massive collection of Synthesia videos, they have produced much more. This includes Time with Weim Series, their Equestria Daily Commercial, the Caffeine and Creators Podcast, and various low-quality meme videos. Join him and a few of his team members (Rocgazelle, Rainb0w Dashie, and Pegasys) at TrotCon this year for some good laughs, plenty of eggs, and even a cigar if you ask him.