Got a knack for making costumes? No? Well, enter our cosplay contest anyway! We encourage anypony, at any level, to compete and participate in this event with your best pony costumes! Signups will be on Friday and Saturday of the con.


General Entry/Walk-on: For those who didn’t make 70% or more of their costume, but still want to show it off.

Craftsmanship – Youth (12 and under): For children 12 and under who made at least half their costume on their own.

Craftsmanship (13 and over): For those who have made or altered 70% or more of their costume

Original Character/Fanfic Based Cosplay: For those who made a costume based off a character of their own creation or from a fan fiction

Fursuit Type Cosplay – Any full body costume made to represent a more literal translation of the character.

Awards will be:
• Best in Show
• 1st Place
• 2nd Place
• 3rd place
• Best of Youth
• Best Original Character OR Fanfic Based Character
• Best Fursuiter
• Honorable Mentions

General Cosplay Rules

1. No live steel, airsoft guns, props that exceed six feet, projectile toys (such as Nerf darts, toy bow and arrow, etc.) or props that swing. YOU are responsible for your prop so PLEASE pay attention when in crowded areas. Trotcon staff reserve the right to confiscate any prop if it damages or threatens to damage persons or property.

2. No nudity. We ask that no more skin be exposed than what you would commonly find in the swimwear aisle.

3. No firearms.

4. No bare feet. You MUST wear shoes while in the hotel/Trotcon area, no exceptions.

5. Clothing that contains offensive or inappropriate messages is not permitted. In the event that this rule is ignored, Trotcon staff reserves the right to ask you to cover up or change your clothes.