Box Bug, Traplord & Pong Musician, Chang31ing is back for his fifth year at TrotCon! A multi-genre DJ, you’ll never be sure what he’s going to play next… but you can be sure that it’s going to be a fun show!



DJ Rod

Coming all the way from small-town Iowa, DJ Rod has been bringing his high energy festival style to the main stage of numerous brony events throughout the US. Host of The Mainstage live radio show on PonyvilleFM and working on producing his first album, he knows how to grab audiences attention with everything from Bounce and Electro to Uk-Hardcore.


end_of_fileend_of_file logo hi res

Hailing from New York City, end_of_file is a well-versed music creator and DJ, primarily of electro and progressive house. He began playing piano at the young age of 6 and eventually discovered his gift for producing electronic music in college. Intrigued by its captivating sounds and hypnotizing chord progressions, he started experimenting with EDM and learned the ropes himself. Now, with a budding discography and three years of live performance experience under his belt, he’s ready to take the world by storm and make them all move!

Fennec Faux

Faux also produces music in his free time. Faux has been DJ’ing for easily 4 years. And has picked up his main genre, house music. Faux has also played on some small radio stations and even ran his own a while back. His favorite genre of music are dubstep, trap, house and deep house. Pretty much anything. When Faux started out he started with a specific genre of house called deep house. He also moved into other parts of the house genre from prog house and deep house, even the wonders of bass house!! Look forward for Faux‘s debut performance here at TrotCon 2017!



They say that there are only three things you can count on in life: death, taxes, and Goggles performing at Trotcon. We could be wrong on that taxes one, though. Regardless, if you’re looking to throw down to some house music, come horse around (get it? it’s a horse pun!) with Goggles at his fifth Trotcon set!


Iggy the Kidd

Iggy the Kidd is a major audio obsessive from the Northwest US currently living in the Southeast US! She spends most of her time doing freelance voice over or music production work and the rest of the time writing or producing goofy nerdcore rap. She recently put out The Stovepipe LP, a collection of ten songs on all sorts of nerd topics. There are songs about Legend of Zelda, Steven Universe, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out and, yes, even My Little Pony! Find her on Youtube (, soundcloud ( or bandcamp (




DJ/Producer from Ohio making poppy, experimental bass music, signed to FRIGHT HOUSE records, got mentioned on Crunchyroll and NEST HQ once, sometimes remixes horse songs (DISCLAIMER: not actually religious children’s music)



Luck Rock

Ever since his first pony convention in 2012, Luck Rock has been heavily inspired by the amazing talent of the fandom musicians. He first picked up a guitar in high school and has been writing high-energy rock as well as emotional acoustic tracks ever since. As a graduate of The Ohio State University, Columbus and TrotCon have always felt like home to Luck Rock and he couldn’t be more excited to be a part of his favorite convention!



Mogul Dash is a bit of an antique in the Brony fandom, having been producing music since 2011. Luckily he brings with him years of experience playing conventions around the midwest including MLP-MSP, ROTL Con, Whinny City Pony Con, and of course Trotcon! Mogul hopes you will bring your energy, glow sticks, and rave gear to this years concert for a night filled with pony-based EDM. Featuring original songs, and show remixes with genres across the spectrum, Mogul Dash guarantees to play a song you can groove to. You won’t want to miss it.



His music consists of fast half tempo rhythm to make you dance all night long with heavy bass sounds and pounding kicks. He has been making music for 4 years so far, with my grassroots in the brony fandom.




22-year-old EDM producer R3CTIFIER came crashing head first into the brony music scene in early 2015. With several original tunes and an arsenal of remixes from many other brony musicians, you know that the set list will never be dull! Join him for an hour of fresh, fun, and energetic tracks that will keep you dancing and grooving even after the parties over! And remember, it’s free real estate.



Born in a stable in Detrot (That’s Detroit for you non-pony folks) was a red unicorn with a talent for talking with words that sound alike. Of course he never quite thought about THAT being his actual talent. He was too busy focusing on important things, getting that new edition of Tetris for his pipbuck! And when he finally got it… that’s about where he spent his time. And that was something that spread all the way until he left his stable finally. Though about halfway through his life he found something else. Writing. Specifically writing and making limes rhyme with kind with a beat linking time. It became a pastime for him til one day he looked down and saw a piece of paper with a mic drawn on it on his flank. Now with his pipbuck on wrist, a mic in his bag, and illusionary magic, he walks the waste spilling hot fire like a dragon.