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A Pin Trading We Will Go
Come join us for a fun time of trading all types of pins and buttons, from Disney, Universal, to even the ones from this very con! Bring your own pins with you and see what other pins your fellow con goers have!

Aristotle vs. Fanfiction [T]
Aristotle’s theory of tragedy is the first recorded literary theory and is still taught today. But is it right? Test Aristotle’s theory about why people like tragedy against reader comments on ten short ponyfics.

Autistic Faerie’s Guide to Autism Acceptance
Join the Autistic Faerie and others as they talk about their experiences as Autistic people. Learn about the Neurodiversity Movement, Identity First vs. Person First language, Stimming, Sensory Issues, and much more.

Behind the Artist
Come join us as we talk with some of the fandom’s favorite artists about their favorite pieces of art, how they compose each artwork, take audience questions, and more.

Canterlot Art Institute
Pop in for some free guided tutorials and lessons on how to improve your artwork.

Canterlot Art Institute 2
Lesson 2 of the guided lessons on improving your artwork

Con Runner Chat
Ever wonder about what it’s like to run a convention? Have a burning question you’d like to ask a con organizer? Then this is the panel for you! Join Charlie Worthley (Chair of Ponyville Ciderfest and Whinny City Pony Con) and other convention core staffers to learn all kinds of things you didn’t know about running conventions.

Content Creation as a Minor: Dos and Don’ts
Join Robin0928 in a discussion about making online content as a minor. What are things that you should do? How should you start? How do you get promoted? How are things different now?

Creative ideas on making a MLP web comic [T]
So, you want to run a MLP themed web comic, but do not know where to start? Perhaps you need some fresh ideas like what does Equestria look like from a donkey, dragon, gryphon or zebra’s perspective? Can you run an MLP comic with the main character being a different creature besides a pony? Can you tell an MLP story from a different creature’s perspective? If you asked any of these questions, then this is the place for you.

Customizing Pony Brushables
Learn about the world of customization with aintnobuffalo! In this presentation, I will provide information on how to create your own custom pony. I’ll cover topics of research and design, supplies, preparation, rehairing, and painting tips. I will have materials on hand to demonstrate and allow you some hands-on learning. All levels of experience welcome! Come with questions and your own stories of success or struggle.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics
In this brony version of the “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” game show, your memory of My Little Pony song lyrics will be put to the test. Can you keep singing when the ponies stop? Come participate and receive an exclusive button.

Dramatic Reading [T]
Come see us perform a script of a My Little Pony episode with voice impressions of various celebrities like Bill Clinton Rarity and Cheech Marin Spike!

Dueling Club
I say good sir, you doth insulteth me! I Challenge you to a duel! Have at thee!! Come one, come all! Challenge your friends and others to duels. Pick your weapons, Nerf pistols at 10 paces? Or do you fancy a fencing match with pool noodles?

Make your way up the brackets, and see who comes out on top! The First Rule of Dueling Club is… talk about dueling club! No, really, go tell your friends how much fun you had. Second Rule, just follow the instructions of the people directing the event. 3rd, and most importantly, have fun!

Equestria Geography – Where the Royal Guard Really Is! [T]
Where is the Royal Guard every time Equestria is attacked and all hope seems lost? Oh wait, they have to cover thousands of miles of border! Fiaura is about to take a look at the map of Equestria, piecing together just how massive the pony kingdom truly is and what that means for our stallions in white.

Equestrian Legends: Ponies and the PC Complex [T]
Our heroes, the Mane 6, are often involved in situations beyond what any citizen should ever have to deal with. They are the realm’s deity’s elite squadron of able and willing ponies that can accomplish anything. I’m going to present my evidence that proves these ponies were powerful far before they became power ponies, and will be long after.

Equestrian Legends: Through the Looking Glass, Equestria Girls [T]
A look into all the theories my mind makes up when watching the Equestria Girls movies. There’s SO MUCH magic, doppleganger nonsense, possible dead character doubles, and mysteries to examine in the 5 movies we have. It’s a trove of lore and possibility. Join me as I present my evidence that Canterlot High is anything but a normal high school.

Fanfiction Writing in Crossover Universes [T]
What happens when you mix universes together and things get a little crazy? This panel will help you learn what to do and what not to do when you’re trying to cross MLP fanfiction over with other established universes!

Fantastic Beasts of Seaquestria [T]
Magical creatures don’t only inhabit the land; the sea is a land of the unknown and there be monsters. In this journey to Seaquestria we will look at some of the Fantastic Creatures of the sea and look at the mythical and folkloric origins of some of these creatures we find in the world of My Little Pony.

Fursuits 101: Bringing Toys to Life
You love to see and hug your favorite ponies in real life! Learn all about what goes into making and performing in these costumes.

G1 Horrors!
Think that G1 MLP was all sweetness and light? Think again! G1’s ponies had to deal with eldritch creatures, slavers, drug addicts, near constant apocalypses, Nazi penguins, soul sucking demons, a Necronomicon, evil projectile throwing trees, deadly cursed flowers, a surrounding wasteland, and the leadership of a queen who had pretty blood-stained hooves. Prepare for fridge horror as we probe the world of G1.

Heather Breckel
Meet Columbus native Heather Breckel, colorist for the official MLP comic!

History of My Little Pony
Curious about the origins of our favorite technicolor pony friends? In this panel, I will explain the inspiration behind the Mane Six and discuss the 4 generations of My Little Pony history. I will have figures on hand, including figures taken apart for detailed viewing and structural understanding.

Horse Memes and You [18+]
A brief history in memes related to My Little Pony as well as how to create memes in video software such as Vegas Pro and audio edits in software such as FL Studio.

How to Run a Brony Meetup
Interested in hanging out with your fellow bronies, but don’t know where to start? Come join the seasoned organizers of Bronies NYC and hear their thoughts and experiences on how one can start creating your own brony meetups and have fun making friends.

If It Fits, It Ships: Some Assembly Required [T]
We’re back! This time, we are examining the entire spectrum of all new additions to the show during seasons 7 and 8, what sort of love shenanigans could be going on, as well as revisiting some old favorites. Buckle up, because there are a LOT of new creatures to pair up!

If It Fits, It Ships: The Movie [T]
We get to see a lot of the lives of our favorite pony friends, but what about their relationships? Who is dating whom? We like to speculate on what romantic relationships COULD exist between our favorite equines. Here, we will be highlighting what relationships could be happening in Equestria Girls 1-5 AND the My Little Pony feature film! Come and see who likes whom in this battle royale of love!

Keep Calm and Talk About Ponies
One of the best things about MLP Conventions is meeting like-minded people and talking about everything pony with them! Come chill out and join in on this informal panel where we chat about our favorite episodes, fan-made videos, songs, convention experiences, and whatever else comes up. Maybe you’ll make some new friends along the way, as Friendship is Magic!

Keeping Friendship Magic: Beyond Equestria
MLP has given us years of friendship lessons, but how do we share those lessons with our non-brony friends? Combing the ponies we know and love with real world social science, learn what divides us from others and how we can come together with those outside the fandom, including a look at friendship lessons found in other fandoms.

Keeping Friendship Magic: The Odd Pony Out
MLP has shown us that friendship is magic, but have you ever wondered about the science behind magic? Combining the ponies we know and love with real world social science, Keeping Friendship Magic shows how to bring the lessons of MLP to our everyday lives. Through discussions on Maud Pie, Princess Luna, and more, learn the science behind how we make friends and the barriers that can sometimes keep us from friendship.

Keeping Friendship Magic: We’re Not Flawless
No pony’s perfect, but we still seek greatness in ourselves and those around us. Take a look at the show’s themes of redemption and overcoming obstacles through the lens of social science. With discussions on Daring Do, Rainbow Dash, and season 4’s key quest, we will take a look at our expectations for ourselves, our heroes, and those around us, and what happens when those expectations aren’t met.

Let’s Run an MLP-themed Web Comic!
So you want to run a MLP themed web comic, but don’t know where to start? How about trying your hands at running a tumblr “ask blog” with either MLP characters or an OC you created? Perhaps you need some fresh ideas, like “what does Equestria look like from a donkey, dragon, gryphon, or zebra’s perspective”?

Can you run an MLP comic with the main character being a different creature besides a pony? Can you tell an MLP story from a different creature’s perspective? If you asked any of these questions, then this is the place for you.

Mad Libs Pony Style [T]
Do you like the fun of Mad Libs? Do you like Ponies? Come and laugh with us as we take normal Mad Libs and pony them up to make them more hilarious.

Mad Libs: the Redux [T]
Join us for more fun Mad Libs as we take audience ideas to make normal Mad Libs hilarious.

MLP Reviewing Panel / Q&A
Ever have an opinion about My Little Pony? Ever want to express it in a video? Ever wonder why the program guide is asking rhetorical questions? Well Robin0928, brony reviewer and content creator, is here to discuss the ins and outs of writing review scripts, OC creation, and YouTube uploading.

MLP Trivia
Want to test your knowledge of the show? Come join DoTheDaringDew and LuckRock as they host a fun little game of trivia where you can win some prizes!

Modern Brony Music
Everyone knows the fandom hits that came out during the first few seasons, but what’s going on in the brony music world now? With hundreds of great and diverse new fan music being released each month, it can be hard to keep up with the kind of tracks you love most! Come choose the songs we’ll listen to during the panel and learn about the sites and compilations that you can use to find your new favorite tracks!

My Big Pony: A Bojack Horseman Panel [21+]
MLP is not the only cartoon horse show teaching life lessons, though you won’t find any cutie marks in Hollywoo. Explore the unique ways that we can learn about friendship and our sense of identity through both series in a panel that’s as entertaining and thought-provoking as Bojack Horseman itself! P.S. Bring your Bojack trivia knowledge along 😉

Mysteries of the Deep
Yarr! The sea is mysterious place! In this journey we set sail in search of some of the ‘Mysteries of the Deep’ from folklore to real-life high strangeness. Come join us as we navigate around USOs, psychic submarines, ghost ships, sea spirits, and monsters of the deep. *Cue X-Files Theme*

Mythology of My Little Pony III: On the Origins of Ponies [T]
Join The Brony Critic and special guest Fiaura the Tank Girl as they explore the historical and biological inspirations behind the various creatures of My Little Pony. Along the way, they will explore the principles of evolutionary science, hypothesize, and debate; all in an effort to construct Equestria’s Tree of Life.

Name that Episode!
This will be the 4th year running for this panel. If you’re a veteran of the con, you should know what this is! If not, lemme tell ya’ about Name that Episode. We’ll break into groups of 6 members each. I will play a small clip from MLP:FiM for each group. The group works together to guess the name of the episode from the clip. At the end of the panel, whichever group has the most points wins! And? You get a prize!

Pirate Dash and Her Drinking Buddies [21+]
Come join the moderator of Pirate Dash and friends as they enjoy a few adult beverages and discuss whatever is on their minds… Or whatever the audience suggests!

PixelKitties and Charlie Worthley’s 1st TrotCon Bottle Share! [21+]
Join two of the fandom’s biggest beer nerds to drink some excellent beer!

Bottle shares are the best part about the craft beer world. Brewers bust their buns for terrible pay all so we can crack a couple of bottles open with pals and spend a night tasting the brewer’s hard work in the comfort of our own homes.

Inevitably, craft beer drinkers will end up with a collection of bottles in their “cellar” (either literal or figurative) that are too special too waste on an evening home alone. Bottle Shares are the perfect opportunity to share some of your special, rare, and hard to come by beers with your fellow craft beer drinkers.

So fellow beer geeks, this is your chance to get together with some like-minded craft beer lovers to share some favorite, special, and rare brews!

•• Some General Bottle Share Do’s & Don’ts:
• DO Come with at least as much beer as you expect to drink responsibly.
• DO bring great beer to share. This is not the time to unload the three leftover beers from that sampler 12-pack you bought two months ago. If you want to participate and don’t have anything stashed away, go to a place that has a good selection of craft beer and tell them what you’re doing. They’ll likely be able to help you pick out a beer or two that would be appropriate.
• DO make sure you bring enough beer. If you have only a single 12-ounce bottle of some really killer stuff, just save it. At least a 22oz bottle or two regular bottles/cans of each style you bring would be recommended.
• DO embrace the noobs if you’re a vet. These events can be intimidating for people who are just starting their love affair with craft beer. They need encouragement, validation, and education. And you’ll make a friend.
• DON’T open someone else’s beer.
• DON’T be a jerk. Don’t declare a beer infected, inferior, or downright nasty until after the person who brought the beer has had a chance to weigh in. Once they’ve commented on the beer that they thought was special enough to share, you can give your opinion— tactfully.
• DON’T get bent out of shape if your bottle doesn’t get tasted. We’ve been to bottle shares where there were six people and thirty bottles of high-gravity beers. Not all bottles will be tasted. And if yours is one that isn’t, it’s okay. Consider leaving it as a gift for the hosts. 😉

Pony Game Design
A look at Pony fan games and how to make them!

Pony the Interruption!
Here, you decide what we discuss! Inspired by the ESPN show “Pardon the Interruption,” the audience writes down suggestions on index cards for what pony-related topics they want us to talk about. We draw them at random and spend three minutes discussing the topic. Once the timer goes off, we draw another card and start again!

Ponydrome Chillaxation Supreme 64 [T]
Is it late at night and you need some chillaxation after a long day of pony ponying but still need something? Why not drop in on the annual Ponydrome, a low-key playful place where no pony knows your name. See bizarre and funny videos and other things drudged up from the bottom of Mel’s Hole.

Previous Generations
Ever wonder what came before G4? Come take a tour of how My Little Pony arose from a humble idea that maybe girls might like something other than toys about playing house to a long running and culturally impactful line of toys and associated media.

Win some prizes! You know you wanna.

The ocean is a dark and dangerous place. Full of genetic alterations and mutant sharks! A crew of scientists are trapped in an underwater lab as disaster falls around them. That’s right, it’s Deep Blue Sea! Bring some booze, and get ready to get drunk as we watch this monster shark movie, and drink to the scientists’ demise! After the movie is over and we are all well and drunk, we will play the Shark Dating Simulator game! Tipsy people from the audience will get picked to read lines and voice act the characters as we try to woo Shark-Chan out of her lil’ bikini. So bring your drinks, and get ready for some late night shark amusement!

Sharks and Minnows: Asymmetry in Game Design [T]
Join Sidewinder and Mike as they explore the off-kilter machinations of asymmetrical game design.

Sketchy Friends
Do you like to draw? Do you like to make friends? You can do BOTH at Sketchy Friends, the event where you’re given prompts to draw with strangers who will be your friend at the end. Join us to sketch your favorite ponies and more!

Speed Fics R Us
One hour, lots of paper and pencils, and even some typewriters. Write what you can with the given prompt!

Sponsors only: Fencing class!
Want a bit of extra edge in the Dueling Club? Sponsor Badge Holders can come to this event and get tips and pointers. Fence with some pool noodle swords, have a laugh, and get some practice in.

Spooky Shallows – Open Mic Spookiness [T]
It’s getting dark out and it’s time to get spooky! Bring your best tales of ghosts, weirdness, monsters, and things that go bump in the night to share and let’s have some fun in this open mic event.

Stockholm Cinema [21+]
Dredged up straight from the Mariana Trench, we bring to you unforgivably bad and bizarre movies and videos. You’ll want to look away, but deep down you know you can’t.

The Background Pony Game Show
You love them, you see them wandering through each episode, you may even have merch of some of them, but how much do you truly know about them? Put your background pony knowledge to the test as three teams will compete to see who is the background pony champion!

The Brony Critic Builds a Better Movie
Join The Brony Critic as he examines the best and worst parts of My Little Pony: The Movie and develops an outline for what the creators could’ve done to make the overall film experience even better.

The Fire Team Harmony Panel [T]
Join the members of Fire Team Harmony for a Q&A. Enjoy, ask questions, and generally goof off!

The Not-Horse-Famous Panel
Whether or not you are are a recognizable member of the brony community, come to the Not-Horse-Famous Panel to learn about how to deal with accepting who you are (even if you can’t get noticed) and how to handle being popular in this fandom. Headed by veteran brony artist Aleximus Prime who will be joined by at least two surprise special guests to give their perspectives!

The Pony Keg Presents: The Rusty Nail Memorial Happy Hour [21+]
An annual fundraising event to honor the life of former community member Rusty Nail. Featuring some of Cap’n Rusty’s original cocktail recipes made for the community’s artists, favorite characters, and dearest drinkers! Bring some cash, donate to raise money for T1 International, and raise your glass!

The Swaglicorn Empire [21+]
Take it from me: under the sea dwells eldritch horrors. Join the O.C. Swaglicious Historical Society to explore the depths and madness of conventions as we know it.

The Quarrel at the Coral Corral
The factions are fighting for control over the seabed and it’s up to you to see who wins! It’s a full blown Nerf war, full of foam flinging action! Ammunition is provided, as well as blasters. Just sign up at the Info Desk! For more information, visit this page!

30-Minute Challenge [18+]
The 30min Challenge returns! If you’re new to the concept, here’s the rundown: for each challenge we manage to fit in we’ll give you a topic and everyone draws whatever they like with that topic in mind in the given time limit. All the art will be collected, then scanned and put on after the con! NSFW and SFW art is allowed, up to the artists! Don’t be afraid to stop in even if you’ve never drawn a pony before, it’s drawin’ fun for everyone! Pencil and paper provided, but feel free to bring your tablets or additional supplies!

What Captures the Eye in Art? [18+]
Everyday we notice different art styles that really stand out. So much so that you can recognize who the artist is without even looking up their name! So what makes these art styles special? What makes them stand out and why do we love them so much? Come join our discussion panel about different art styles and talk about what makes them really stand out!

Whiskey Drinks [21+]
Imbibe, my friends! Drink deeply of the arcane arts of liquormancy and the various antidotes to its ill-effects. Got the Shoggoth Shakes? Want them? We got you covered!

Swaglicorn’s resident booze-witch, Whiskey Sour, will guide the uninitiated through the world of drinking and show you all its shambling horrors.

Who Are You?
Everyone seems to do something in this fandom. Come talk about what you do and learn about other guests in attendance as Luck Rock does 5-minute interviews with the audience!

Who is Best Pony?
The bracket has been seeded and now it is up to you to come determine which character from MLP:FiM is truly the best! In a giant “March Madness” style fashion, the characters have been matched up 1-on-1 and it’s up to the audience to decide by popular vote who wins each round! Come make sure your favorite character gets crowned Best Pony!

Whose Pony is it Anyway [T]
Welcome to “Whose Pony Is It Anyway?”, the game where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. That’s right, the points are like an unread book around Twilight. Based on the UK and American “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, Whose Pony is a show featuring performers making everything up on the spot. Our performers will improvise everything based on audience suggestions and cards they’ve never seen before. There will be some audience participation as well, so join us for a few hours of fun and hilarious improv.

Whose Pony Is It Anyway? After Dark [18+]
Welcome To Whose Pony Is It Anyway? After Dark style. Our performers will be acting out improvised scenarios based on audience suggestions and cards they have never seen before. Join us for an inappropriately good time.

Writers Waffling about Writing Willingly [T]
Got any questions about writing fan fiction? Come ask some authors who might have answers!

Writing Pony Fanfiction: The Basics
In this panel, pony fanfiction writer CategoricalGrant will be discussing how to get started writing pony fanfiction, how to improve your writing, and how to become more popular!

Your Mind and Ponies – How They Help You [T]
We are going to sit down and take a serious, in-depth look at the psychological issues and daily life problems dealt with by the show. While My Little Pony may be targeted to children, the very adult problems that are addressed impact us as adults and play a role in our lives.