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30-Minute Challenge 4 a.m., Saturday, Panel 2

3DS Meet 10:30 p.m., Saturday, Oasis

Animation Dos And Don’ts Noon, Saturday, Mane Events
Join Harmony Studios as we shed light on the magic of both 2D and 3D MLP animations, showing you what to do and what to avoid.

Autistic Faerie’s Guide to Autism Acceptance 10 a.m., Saturday, Panel 2
Join the Autistic Faerie and others as they talk about their experiences as Autistic people.. Learn about the Neurodiversity Movement, Identity First vs. Person First language, Stimming, Sensory Issues, and much more.

Basic Guide to Doll Hair and Pony Customization 8 p.m., Saturday, Panel 2
Shannon Andrews, owner of Retro Dolls US, will discuss all the different hair types and how to work with them, give a basic demonstration on how to reroot a pony, and answer any customizing questions.

Brony Musicians: A Crash Course to Making Your Own Music Noon, Saturday, Panel 2
This panel will focus on what it means to be a Brony Musician, what it takes to become one, and a crash course on music theory (if you know math, music theory will be easy). Audience participation will be highly encouraged, so don’t  be afraid to come learn!

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bench [13+] 10 p.m. Friday, Panel 1
Pull up a bench, sit back, and join Bench Thief Productions for the premiere of their new Fallout Equestria animation “Fly Like You,” based on the fandom song of the same name, as well as some other short clips. Warning: keep an eye on your benches.

Charity Auction 2 p.m., Sunday, Mane Events

Closing Ceremonies 4:30 p.m., Sunday, Mane Events

Convention Talk 11 a.m., Sunday, Panel 1

Cosplay Contest 4:30 p.m., Saturday, Mane Events

Dead Tree Studios – Fallout Equestria PnP 1 p.m., Saturday, Panel 2
Come check out Dead Tree Studios with yet another fantastic press release for their Fallout Equestria PnP Tabletop Game!

Doctor Who Meet Noon, Sunday, Oasis

Dramatic Reading, Starring YOU! [13+] 1:30 a.m., Friday, Panel 2
Ever wanted to try your hand at voice acting? Here’s your chance! We’ll be doing readings of episodes of the show we all know and love. Just one twist: you’ve got to go as far away from the canon voice as you can manage. Come have your piece of the limelight and stretch your vocal creativity!

Edit Your Own YTP 4 p.m., Saturday, Panel 1
Ever wonder how YouTube Poops are made? Well, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much, they let DaThings1 do a live demonstration just for you! In this panel, DaThings1 will cover the basics of making video-mashup-remixes with Adobe Premiere, as well as how to make all those wacky on-screen effects YTP is known for… Well, not the ear-hurting ones, anyway.

Equestrian Legends: The Reality of Luna 5 p.m., Saturday, Panel 1
Equestrian Legends is about using My Little Pony’s lore to concoct theories that could be true in the paradigm of the show. With this panel, I stretch that notion to the limits! Join me as I try to prove Princess Luna is not, technically, real.

Fallen London [13+] 2:30 a.m., Friday, Panel 2
A moderately brief panel for fans of the popular web game, Fallen London – a game set in Victorian London. After it was stolen. By bats.

Fallout Meet 9:30 p.m., Saturday, Oasis

Fallout: Equestria Meet 10:30 p.m., Friday, Oasis

Fallout: Equestria PNP 2 p.m., Friday, Tabletop // 3 p.m., Saturday, Tabletop // 10 p.m., Saturday, Tabletop // 10 a.m., Sunday, Tabletop
Learn to play the popular Fallout: Equestria PNP tabletop game!

Fallout: Equestria – Side Fiction Discussion [13+] 10 p.m., Saturday, Panel 1
A discussion of various Fallout: Equestria-based side fics, with information on writing your own piece of the Wasteland, canon/continuity, and general post-apocalyptic pony shenanigans.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Equestria [13+] 8 p.m., Friday, Panel 1
[[ To appear only in ‘For Unicorns’ version ]]
In this panel we will chronicle the many fantastic and magical creatures that make Equestria their home. Learn about their histories and behavior as chronicled in legend and history. Is your trusty traveling kettle enough to fend them off, or is more required? Come find out and maybe you will survive your next trip into the Everfree for tea with a zebra.
[[ Editor’s note: for Earth Pony edition, usual stuff: ‘obvious fiction – all good fun – nothing to worry about – hope you enjoy it.’ ]]

Fighting Is Magic Tournament 2 p.m., Friday, Videogames

Flying with the Wonderbolts 10 a.m., Sunday, Panel 2
Join Oscar Reel and Sidewinder as they discuss the history of flight combat games, their evolution, and their changes… for better and worse.

Friendship! How is it Made? Why Do We Need It? Midnight, Friday, Panel 2
Is friendship magic, or is it something else? Come join in as I discuss the deeper meaning of friendship and what prevents it from happening between ponies.

Furry Meet 2 p.m., Saturday, Oasis

Gravity Falls Meet Noon, Saturday, Oasis

Ghost Selfies 2 a.m., Saturday, Videogames

Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Meet 10:30 a.m., Sunday, Oasis

Heather Breckel 10 a.m., Saturday, Mane Events
Meet Columbus native Heather Breckel, colorist for the official MLP comic!

Hi Score’s Pony Pajama Party 1 a.m., Friday, Videogames

History of the Fandom 1 p.m., Sunday, Panel 1
Now that we are in the midst of season 7, there is quite a history to the many years of the brony fandom. There are also a lot of new fans that have just started watching the cartoon within the past couple of years or so that may not understand all of the references they hear online and at conventions. Whether you are new to the fandom or have been around to see it all, come discuss the many events and people that have shaped the crazy history of the brony fandom!

Hold My Cider – How Much Do these Ponies Drink? [21+] 1 a.m., Friday, Panel 1
The reason why the ponies are probably drunk all the time and addicted to Hard Apple Cider to a crippling extent – these ponies constantly are doing things that can only be described as a College Humor moment of “Hold My Beer”. We are going to analyze various episodes best described with the phrase “Hold My Cider.” Let’s watch with a bit of a different way of looking at some of our favorites.

How to Run an MLP comic, along with other Mythological creatures! [13+] 11 a.m., Saturday, Panel 1
Want to know what it is like to run an MLP web comic?  What does Equestria look like from a donkey, dragon, gryphon, or zebra’s perspective?  Can you run an MLP comic with the main character being a different creature besides a pony? CAN you tell an MLP story from a different creature’s perspective? If you asked any of these questions, then this is the place for you.  Join me as I discuss my journey of developing and publishing the MLP web comic “Ask Rye Dimar Dragon” which is based around a dragon trying to to get the ponies to help him out in a war.

How to Run a Successful Brony Meetup 8 a.m., Sunday, Panel 1
Interested in hanging out with your fellow Bronies, but don’t know where to start? Come join the seasoned organizers of Bronies NYC and hear their thoughts and experiences on how you can start creating your own Brony meetups and have fun making friends.

If It Fits, It Ships: Bundle Edition [13+] Midnight, Saturday, Panel 1
Another installment of the shipping panel with Drew Flashy and Crackle! Season 6 gave us new ships, especially for Spike! Join us for the studly dragon’s romantic exploits and a magic menagerie of shipping! Season 7 content is a mystery at the moment. Come see what we found!

Indie Horror Showcase 4 a.m., Saturday, Videogames

Joining the Herd Stories 9 a.m., Sunday, Panel 2

Karaoke 8 p.m., Friday, Kids Room // 8 p.m., Saturday, Kids Room

Keeping Friendship Magic: Beyond Equestria Noon, Sunday, Panel 2
MLP has brought together an amazing community of friends, but what about the world outside the fandom? Keeping Friendship Magic combines the lessons of My Little Pony with real world social science, and in this panel we’ll be exploring friendship between bronies and non-bronies alike. Learn the science behind what divides us as people and how the friendship lessons of MLP can be brought to the world outside our community.

Keeping Friendship Magic: The Odd Pony Out 11 a.m., Friday, Panel 2
Everypony’s different, yet the brony fandom has brought together people from all walks of life. Combining real world social science with the ponies we all love, this panel will explore how and why we choose the friends that we do and how we can make our friendships even stronger. Discussions on Maud Pie, Moon Dancer, and Princess Luna will take a look at the barriers keeping some of us from deeper friendships and explore how we can help one another.

Lil Pip’s Minefield 4 p.m., Saturday, Mane Events 2 // 1 p.m., Sunday, Mane Events 2

Littlest Pet Shop Meet 11 a.m., Friday, Oasis

M.A. Larson & G.M. Berrow 10 p.m. Friday, Mane Events // 1 p.m., Saturday, Mane Events
Get the lowdown on how to write for My Little Pony — and beyond — from two of its writers, M.A. Larson and G.M. Berrow!

Mario Kart 8 Tournament 9 p.m., Friday, Videogames

Meet the Fallout: Equestria Print Team 6:30 p.m., Saturday, Panel 1

Metalshop Stories and Solutions [13+] 9 p.m., Saturday, Panel 2
Passionate about the art of metalworking and jewelry design?  Curious? Looking to kill some time?  Whatever the reason, come join SilverSlinger as he explains the art of metal bending!

MLR Live Podcast [13+] 10 p.m., Friday, Panel 2
The MLR Live Podcast comes to TrotCon to discuss MLP, the fanbase, and the amazing world of whatever we think would be funny.

Modern Brony Music 10 a.m., Saturday, Panel 1
Everyone knows the tunes that came out in 2011-2013 that we all know and love… but what about the last couple years? It can be hard to keep up with a fandom that churns out about 200 bangin’ tunes every month! For an idea on who’s hot, who’s up and coming, and what artists you will probably like the most, come participate in this panel that explores every genre from tropical house to every type of rock to salsa remix to orchestral hip hop and more! You will also get information on multiple outlets that will keep you up to date with what’s going on with brony music right now!

Musicians Panel 10:30 a.m., Sunday, Mane Events

My Little Robin: Reviewing is Magic’s 4th Birthday Party 6 p.m., Saturday, Panel 2
From the Crystal Empire to TrotCon 2017, join Robin0928 as he discusses the past 4 years of My Little Robin. From the weirdest endorsement ever received to the best fan messages in the world, celebrate with the creator of the show and see the 4th Anniversary Spectacular! (Yes, we should have cake. If we don’t have cake we have to blame our favorite German Reviewer.)

Name that Episode! 6 p.m., Friday, Panel 2
Come play Name that Episode! Where people will split into groups of 6. A small clip of MLP:FiM will be played. The groups have 30 seconds to Name that Episode! Every group gets a chance to submit an answer. You earn a point for each episode correctly named. Some clips have bonus points! At the end, the group with the highest score wins!!! There will be prizes!!! All groups get their own episode clip!!!

Nostalgia Time with Weim [13+] Midnight, Friday, Panel 1
Join WeimTime and Co-Host Penny Pincher as they present some of the older times of the fandom and its content. As we recollect on the good times (and bad times) we ask ourselves: “Was older content really as good as we remember it or do we just need to get over our nostalgia?”

Otaku Meet 3 p.m., Sunday, Oasis

Opening Ceremonies 7 p.m., Friday, Mane Events
Kick off the convention in style with the staff and your favorite VIP guests!

Overwatch Meet 8:30 p.m., Saturday, Oasis

Peter New & Lee Tockar 9 p.m. Friday, Mane Events // 3 p.m. Saturday, Mane Events
Learn about voice acting for My Little Pony and beyond from two of the pros, Peter New and Lee Tockar!

Pinkie and Discord  Magical Jelly Beans 10 a.m., Sunday, Panel 1
Join Harmony Studios on a fun, chaotic filled adventure full of jelly beans and prizes. Can your  taste buds survive?!

Plushie Meet 1:30 p.m., Sunday, Oasis

Pokemon Meet 5 p.m., Friday, Oasis // 4 p.m., Saturday, Oasis

Pokken Tournament 5 p.m., Saturday, Videogames

Pony 411 Live! 3 p.m., Saturday, Panel 1
Join Nemesis and Alca7raz as they do an episode of Pony 411 live! What will we talk about? Who knows, but it will definitely be pony-related! Also, we might have a special guest…

Pony Mad Libs 4 p.m., Friday, Panel 2
Think you can win a game of mad libs… pony style?!

Pony the Interruption! 9 p.m., Friday, Panel 2
Straight from ESPN, it’s Pardon the Interruption – but with ponies! Come pitch talking points for the panel to discuss in the timed talk show just like you’ve seen on TV.

Ponydrome [13+] 5:30 a.m., Saturday, Panel 1 // 5 a.m., Sunday, Panel 2
Need some chill time or just want to go insane in the middle of the night? Come to Ponydrome and chill out with some weird, wacky, and crazed videos from the bowels of the web. After a while you’ll wish you would have made some robot friends.

Portal 2 Noon, Sunday, Videogames

Previous Generations 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Panel 1
An overview of the history of pony from Bonnie Zacherle’s quest to make a horse toy for girls (Horses are for Boys! Girls like playing house!) with My Pretty Pony to our current generation of ponies.

Printing Ponies: General Printing Information and Advice 10 a.m., Friday, Panel 2
Inkjet or laser? Glossy or Matte? What’s the difference?? You can find out at the printing ponies panel!

Raffle 8 p.m., Friday, Mane Events // 5:30 p.m., Sunday, Mane Events
Win some prizes! You know you wanna.

Raider Meet 2 p.m., Friday, Oasis // 7 p.m., Saturday, Oasis

REaLM: Walk of Soul Midnight, Saturday, Videogames

Running a Business in a Cartoon Horse Fandom 5 p.m., Friday, Panel 2
Ever wanted to turn your hobby of creating pastel horse content into a full-time job? Great! But there’s a lot you need to know “before making an attempt at the hard climb. Join business expert WeimTime [Exec. Producer of WeimTime LLC] as he gives you the low-down of how it’s done, including the do’s and dont’s.

RWBY Meet 9 a.m., Sunday, Oasis

Science The Flank – How Magic Works in Equestria Noon, Saturday, Panel 1
The idea here is that Magic in Equestria has rules and can be manipulated by any Unicorns and Alicorns as well as other creatures.  The fact is, we need to figure out what those rules are to some degree as well as as the hierarchy of Magic within Equestria. There is also the possibility that Magic in Equestria isn’t just a force, but actually a living, breathing entity.  Hold onto your seats and prepare for Science!

Science The Flank – How Old Are the Ponies? 3 p.m., Friday, Panel 2
The science behind the age of these ponies is fascinating.  Why do we never see an old Unicorn?  Why do Pegasi parents look so young despite offspring having full-blown careers?  Why are there so many Earth Ponies?  What is going on here?  We are going to show you not only how old your favorite characters are, but also how there is something truly dark about their lives of which they will not speak.

Shrek Meet Midnight, Friday, Oasis

Silver Band’s Custom Ponies: Five Years Later 8 p.m., Friday, Panel 2
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brandon, but you can call me Silver Band. For over five years now, I’ve been customizing My Little Pony toys and selling them at conventions across the country.  And what better way to celebrate than to share my experiences at the very convention in which I got my start?

Sketchy Friends 5 p.m., Saturday, Panel 2
Come join this fun and interactive activity where you sketch your favorite ponies and make new friends through fun sketch prompts.

So You Want to Make a Podcast 2 p.m., Saturday, Panel 1
Podcasting is just sitting in front of a microphone and talking, right? WRONG! There’s actually a lot more to it than that. Join Pony 411’s Nemesis and Alca7raz as they go through what it takes to make a podcast, potential pitfalls, and a little bit on how Pony 411 came to be.

Speed Fics R Us Noon, Friday, 2 p.m.
How fast can YOU write?

Stable Dweller Meet Noon, Friday, Oasis // 5 p.m., Saturday, Oasis

Star Vs. the Forces of Evil Meet 1 p.m., Saturday, Oasis

Steel Ranger Meet 1 p.m., Friday, Oasis // 6 p.m., Saturday, Oasis

Steven Universe Discussion 8 p.m., Friday, Oasis
Let’s get together and chat about the animated series Steven Universe! This is a discussion panel to just sit back, relax, and chat away about the show. Caution! Spoilers are possible in this panel!

Stockholm Cinema [21+] 3 a.m., Saturday, Panel 1
Suffer with us through a barrage of cinematic garbage – a veritable septic tank of the visual arts. Heckling and self-loathing is encouraged, if not unavoidable.

Super Duper Pony Jeopardy [13+] 2:30 p.m., Saturday, Panel 2
We all need a little fun in the wasteland and Super Duper Pony Jeopardy is just what the doctor ordered. Come on down and prove your pre-war My Little Pony: FIM trivia knowledge, making some friends along the way.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Tournament 8 p.m., Saturday, Videogames

Swaglicorn Empire [21+] 2:30 a.m. Friday, Panel 1
Come join us, Wanderer, and experience a night of confusion and debauchery hosted by our warlord, Queen O.C. Swaglicious. Games, drinks, stories, videos, and horrifying art will distract you from the decaying wastes. While the wastelands may be a dull and dreary place.. Swag never changes.

The Battle for Bottle Cap Canyon
For more information, visit this page!

The Brony Critic’s Guide to World-Building [13+] 12:30 p.m., Sunday, Mane Events
Join The Brony Critic as he explores the elements of world-building in fiction, giving his take on the internal mythologies and cultures which lie at the heart of good narratives. If you have a passion for writing or wish to learn how to spot good world-building for yourself, this is the panel for you.

The Cutie Re-Mark: The Darkest Episode of My Little Pony [13+] 10 p.m., Saturday, Panel 2
Join The Brony Critic as he explores the implications of the Season Five finale. From theories as to how the alternative worlds came about, to implications of genocide, war, and the death of a major character, the Critic will prove that “The Cutie Re-Mark” is the darkest episode of My Little Pony.

The Fallout Equestria Audiobook Project [13+] 9 p.m., Friday, Panel 1
Learn about the official Fallout Equestria Audiobook!  The project is a crowdfunding campaign to create a professionally-voiced audiobook of everyone’s favorite fanfic: Fallout Equestria.  Come get a behind-the-scenes look at the project and hear a convention-exclusive preview!

The Fire Team Harmony Panel  [13+] 11 a.m., Saturday, Mane Events
Join the members of Fire Team Harmony for a premiere screening of a special project. Enjoy, ask questions, and generally goof off!

The Horrors of G1  [13+] 11 p.m., Friday, Panel 2
Think G1 MLP was all sweetness and light? Think again! We’ll examine some of the on screen and on page fridge horror of G1 from gem shrapnel shot into the eyes of abused slaves to a pony queen with blood-stained hooves. The wasteland is in the eye of the beholder, children.

The Joy of Painting Midnight, Friday, Videogames

The Ministry of Arcane Sciences [13+] 8:30 p.m., Saturday, Panel 1
We all know of Fallout: Equestria’s Ministry of Arcane Sciences and their quest to weaponize magic, but did you know that analogues exist in our own world? From declassified NSA documents theorizing about using a large amount of psychics to generate poltergeist activity on such a scale as to destroy or displace an enemy city in space/time to the remote viewing psychics of Project Stargate. Both rumors and confirmed reports will be considered. Come and hear about the weird and often wacky world of war magic.

The Mythology of My Little Pony II – Equestria’s Most Wanted  [13+] 1 p.m., Saturday, Panel 1
A sequel to his TrotCon 2016 lecture, The Brony Critic returns to explore and examine the historical and mythological elements of the many rivals and antagonists of the My Little Pony universe. From great and powerful wizards to trickster gods of chaos, we’ll explore the inspirations and archetypes surrounding some of Equestria’s Most Wanted.

The Rusty Nail Memorial Happy Hour [21+] Midnight, Saturday, Panel 2
Join us as we pay tribute to Rusty Nail, a dear friend to Tumblrpon and the My Little Pony community. Join Pirate Dash and Ghostly Muse as they mix some of the best drink recipes from Rusty’s ask blog and auction them off to the highest bidder to enjoy. We’ll also share stories and reminisce about one of the best friends anyone could have.  Every dollar raised from the auction of the drinks will go towards juvenile diabetes research in memory of Rusty.

The Science of Pinkie Pie – There can be Only 1 [13+] 9 a.m., Sunday, Panel 1
Pinkie Pie exists within the Multiverse as a single entity. There is only 1, and we are going to prove it! Prepare yourselves to embark upon a journey into the depths of madness. Madness that is just too crazy, even if science confirms its truth. That truth is… well, you’ll have to attend to find out!

The Words We Sing [13+] 1 p.m., Sunday, Panel 2
What is it that makes lyrics so intriguing? What about them can make us laugh, cry, feel a tingle down our spine, or just plain smile? Come join our open forum analysis and discussion of the lyrics to MLP songs. We’ll be going over songs from the show itself, Equestria Girls, and the fandom at large.

This, That, and Vera’s Blog Tour 2017 [13+] 4 p.m., Saturday, Panel 2
For the first time ever, autistic writer Vera Didenko takes their blog adventures into the wide world of public speaking. Didenko will engage the audience as they will become one big “Dear Reader” in this one-hour Q&A session. To learn more about Didenko and their blog, visit

Timeline Trouble 2 p.m., Friday, Panel 2
Ever try to figure out the timeline of events in FiM and EqG and find that it doesn’t always make sense? Well, Pony 411 agrees with you! Over the course of an hour, Nemesis and Alca7raz will try to figure out the various… inconsistencies. And hopefully come to a conclusion that’s not complete nonsense.

Touhou 10 a.m., Sunday, Videogames

Trot Plays Pokemon 8 a.m., Saturday, Videogames

TrotCon Discord Chat Meet 3:30, Friday, Oasis // Midnight, Saturday, Oasis

TrotMania Tournament Noon, Saturday, Videogames

Tumblr Meet 1 a.m., Saturday, Oasis

Tumblrpon and You: The Guide to My Little Pony Ask Blogs 11 p.m., Friday, Mane Events
The world of Tumblrpon is a vast and creative community, with lots of fun characters and thrilling stories.  Join us as mods of popular and well-known ask blogs will give you tips and advice on how to run your own ask blog!

Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder : Learn and Play [13+] 8 p.m., Friday, Tabletop
Twilight is writing some zany fictions, but only with your help. Learn to play TSSSF, or just have a primer on the rules. Also, learn how to add your own cards to the game! Supervised game to follow.

Twitter Ponies Meet 11 a.m., Saturday, Oasis

Voice Acting For Beginners 2 p.m., Saturday, Mane Events
Join Victor, Alex, and Roasted as they take you on a journey. They will guide you through the steps to becoming a great a voice actor for small projects or even to start on a professional career path.

Whose Pony is it Anyway [13+] Midnight, Friday, Mane Events
Welcome to “Whose Pony Is It Anyway?, the game where everything is made up and the bits don’t matter. That’s right, the bits are like Pinkie Pie’s confetti collection.  Based on the UK and American “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, Whose Pony is a show featuring performers making everything up on the spot. That’s right, our performers will improvise everything based on audience suggestions and cards they’ve never seen before. There will be some audience participation as well, so join us for a few hours of fun and hilarious improv.

Whose Pony Is It Anyway 18+ 2 Electric Scootaloo [18+] 2 a.m., Friday, Mane Events
The crazy fun is back at Trotcon! Join us for laughs once again with this TrotCon staple (With an 18+ twist) that you all know and love. With Scenes From A Hat, Helping Hands, Props, and more. You might even be apart of the show!

Wild Wasteland [13+] 2 a.m., Saturday, Panel 1
The world is not what it seems. Take the Wild Wasteland trait and come to this panel to discuss the weird and unusual: Ghosts, UFOs, the Mandela Effect, Cryptids, Mysterious Disappearances, Glitches in the Matrix, the Occult, and other things that aren’t quite… normal. Bring your stories, share, and maybe we can get to the bottom of this or sink deeper down the hole… Perhaps it was made for you.

“Wow, It’s Made!” with DaThings1 11 p.m., Friday, Panel 1
In 2009, a dumb teenager started making stupid videos on the internet. 8 years later the life of that once-teenager has shifted in an indescribably positive way. DaThings1 is here to try and describe it anyway, motivate anyone who wants to pursue their dreams as an artist, and premiere the long-awaited third installment to the “Wow! It’s Made” YTP series. Come hang out! Plus there will be some Q&A!

Writers Waffling about Writing Willingly [18+] 11 p.m., Saturday, Panel 2
Got any questions about writing fan fiction? Come ask some authors who might have answers!

YouTube Poops! Try Not to Laugh 2 a.m., Saturday, Panel 2
It’s time for a wacky, fun, probably a little confusing but ultimately entertaining time! DaThings1 has compiled the best YTPs the internet has to offer in a most certain attempt to get you laughing harder than is probably healthy! Think you’ve mastered the poker face? Come prove it! Don’t care and just want to watch funny videos? That’s cool too! (Rated 18+ for strong language and potentially offensive humor)

Zelda Meet 9:30 p.m., Friday, Oasis