Big Announcement: TrotCon 2016 and Beyond!

July 26, 2015 in Uncategorized by Darkly

So, it’s been a week since TrotCon 2015 ended. Crazy, right? We think so. Time is weird. A flat circle, even.

We had a downright amazing time with you guys this year. Like, for real — it ruled. And many of you responded in a similar way; after all, we increased our attendance numbers by a whole 20 percent this year, and we even ran out of our usual kids’ badges halfway through because so many little ones came out this year. That’s so cool. It was an absolute joy to put on this event for you and we’re glad the response for TrotCon 2015 was mostly positive. If you gave us a Rotten Tomatoes score, it seems like we’d at least hit the 90s, right? Take that, (fill in new Adam Sandler movie here)!

However, we did want to clear up something incredibly important, and we wanted to get it out there right off the bat: TrotCon 2016 will not be the final TrotCon.

We know, we know, we’re throwing you for a loop, aren’t we? We’re like that high school crush that tells you one thing and then can’t get their #feelings straight the next day. Call us flip-floppers, call us wishy-washy.

But here’s the thing: last Sunday, when we announced we would, as a convention, move to a slightly new enterprise — western animation — in 2017, we quite honestly didn’t expect the response to the contrary we received! Y’all love your pony. Possibly more than we do, and we’ve put a convention on for the show for the last four years!

So after discussing it among our core staff — you know them, right? Kind folks, maybe not the best golf game, but they’ll get there — we decided that TrotCon will continue on until TrotCon can continue on no more, which is to say that we’ll be a thing until you guys decide you don’t want us to be a thing and stop attending. Hint: after the amazing turnout and response this year, it doesn’t look like that may happen anytime soon.

Hey, so what about BuckeyePop!, the western animation-focused convention that’s been rattling around in our heads in recent months? Still happening, too.

Beginning in 2017, we plan to begin putting on both TrotCon AND BuckeyePop! as conventions under the general umbrella of Dragon Adventures, the parent group owned by Darkly Cute and Dragonsbld (or the Baileys, if you’d appreciate some real names!). TrotCon will likely happen in June or July that year, since that’s when it’s always been — though nothing is set in stone just yet! — while BuckeyePop! will debut in Columbus, Ohio, at a date to be revealed soon, though probably sometime earlier in the year. They’ll be completely separate conventions with different focuses, but the general spirit (and most of the people staffing, sure) will be the same.

In other words, hey, if you like those cartoons we mentioned — the Steven Universes, the Gravity Fallses, the old, the new, the long-forgotten — and you enjoy TrotCon every year, why not stop by? If you’re in the area and have the spare time and cash, of course. We’d love to have you.

Until BuckeyePop! gets going, our sole focus is still TrotCon, and we’re incredibly excited about what’s in store for 2016. We’re already in discussions with some special guests, and we’ve taken your feedback — positive and otherwise — and are in the process of retooling, reshaping and preparing for the next adventure.

Bear one thing in mind: our goal for TrotCon 2016 IS still to bring at least one non-pony guest to the hungry masses. Why? Hey, maybe your non-pony-loving friend who came along anyway will get a kick outta ’em. Plus, we love having non-MLP panels — we hear that Gravity Falls one was awesome this year — so why not? But trust us, the vast majority will remain dedicated to My Little Pony in all its forms and will continue to down the road.

Wanna come hang out? Our registration for 2016 is now available. Get ya some.

Any questions? Hit us up on all channels, whether it’s email, social media or our forums! We like talking to you. You’re cool. You’re a winner. Way to go.

See you next year. Thanks again, everyone.