Announcing Fiaura the Tank Girl, RiffPonies & Keeping Friendship Magic for TrotCon 2020

February 18, 2020 in Guest Announcement by Kevin

(Art: Ruef)

We here at TrotCon already have a handful of super rad VIP guests coming to our 2020 convention about which we’re super excited, but plenty of you have been asking us about community guests we’re bringing to the con this year.

Well, wait no more, because our first round of community guests is comin’ at ya!

We’ll be rolling out our community guest announcements for 2020 over the next few months, but we wanted to start with some oldies and goodies, folks who’ve been coming to our convention for a few years now and are returning yet again with community guest status.

First and foremost, please welcome back Fiaura the Tank Girl to TrotCon 2020!

We love Fiaura, a fact probably completely clear to those of you who’ve attended the last few years of TrotCon, since 2020 is simply her latest in a streak of appearances at the convention.

She’s behind a ton of community projects and pony-related content here in the fandom, including fanfiction, forays into the scientific aspects of My Little Pony, the subset of the fandom produced by Fallout: Equestria and much more. In fact, a new chapter of the Fallout: Equestria Dead Tree audio book will be premiering right here at TrotCon, so fans of that should get hella pumped.

We’re also excited to welcome back Forward Progress and the Keeping Friendship Magic team back to TrotCon.

A longtime panelist here at TrotCon, Forward Progress was promoted to community guest status for the first time in 2019, just in time for Forward Progress and girlfriend NovaRose to get engaged right on the TrotCon mane events stage. Good vibes all around last year, y’all!

For 2020, you can expect the same balance of informative and humorous panels and events from the Keeping Friendship Magic group. In fact, you might have even seen a sneak peek of a few of them during their 15-minute flash panels at the TrotCon booth at BronyCon 2019. We were, uh, the folks with the microphones probably clogging up the walkways on the right side against the wall of the venue. Oops.

Heck, you might even see Forward Progress teaming up with one Thoth Penswell for a few panels. Which reminds us…

We’re bringing RiffPonies back to TrotCon as well!

RiffPonies, the comedic duo of Thoth Penswell and Acesential, graced our stage(s) in 2019 with kazoo-fueled madness alongside their usual fare of trivia, talk shows, fanfic readings, riffing and more. You know them, you love them, and you’re going to get to see them again in 2020.

These are just three of our community guests for 2020 — and trust us when we say we’re not done. In fact, there are probably a few prospective guests reading this being all, “but wait, Kevin from TrotCon, you guys already reached out to us about being a guest! I sent you my OC reference. I SENT YOU MY OC REFERENCE.” Fear not, anonymous TrotCon 2020 community guest! We’re rolling out a few more of these announcements as we get closer to the convention; no need to toss ’em all out there at once.

So stay tuned, y’all! And if you’re a prospective community guest reading this who hasn’t yet applied, we’d love to hear from you; click the link for more!