Announcing 7 New Community Guests — Yeah, 7!

March 13, 2020 in Guest Announcement by Kevin

(Art: Ruef)

We at TrotCon first want to say that we’ve heard your concerns regarding COVID-19 and its effects on live events across the world, including postponements and outright cancellations. While we remain optimistic that all will be fine come the weekend of July 17-19, we realize this a fluid situation and that things can change at a moment’s notice. We encourage anyone to follow this page on our website and to keep up with us on social media for any further announcements about TrotCon 2020 with regards to the coronavirus.

That being said: again, we’re still on as scheduled right now, and we’ve got some new community guest announcement for you today!

In fact, seven of them.

This one’s a doozy, so let’s get right to it.

First, the returning parties at TrotCon 2020! We’re excited to welcome back Foalpapers, Pixelkitties, TJ Carson/Pirate Dash, The Brony Critic and volrathxp as community guests!

You might know Pixelkitties best from our vendor hall most years, where she’s often holding down an incredibly popular booth full of all kinds of wonderful pieces of artwork, or perhaps at various panels, including her bottle share she ran with Charlie Worthley at TrotCon the past two years. Even if you’ve never made it to TrotCon, you know her art if you’ve, y’know, been on the Internet at all, and you’re probably fairly stoked to get to meet the person behind all this wonderful creativity over the years in this fandom.

TJ Carson has been the moderator for multiple Tumblr ask blogs over the years, including the Ask Pirate Dash blog, and is also known at TrotCon the last few years for hosting or co-hosting some of the most entertaining, often wacky and off-the-rails panels the whole weekend. He’s also a talented staff member of conventions such as BronyCon (RIP!).

The Brony Critic is a favorite here at TrotCon too, providing us year after year with analytical panels about My Little Pony and fanfiction-forward events about good practices in writing, critiquing and more. Want someone with a good ear for MLP theories? A voice actor who’s appeared in Fiaura the Tank Girl’s Fallout Equestria: Dead Tree audiobook? He’s your guy.

Our prodigal son Foalpapers returned to TrotCon last year after a multi-year absence, and he returns for 2020 to again offer his exemplary services as an emcee and panel host for Q&As, discussions, charity auctions and much more. He’s also one of the fandom’s foremost authorities in mythology, particularly of the Greek variety and its connections to MLP.

And finally, volrathxp, returning for his second round as a TrotCon community guest. Joe Dyer is a fanfiction writer and content creator based here in lovely Ohio, the writer of multiple Fallout: Equestria-based fanfics such as Starlight, Mending Hearts and Reclamation Day. Have a fanfic or book you wrote and want it self printed? Talk to him, or perhaps attend his panel on it if it’s on our schedule, wink wink.

As for newcomers, we’re stoked to welcome Scope and Alto Scribe to TrotCon 2020!

As long as you’re on Twitter, you know Scope, who’s probably directed a good ol’ >:/ or some snarky retort your way at some point. Badge of brony honor, let’s say. And yet, he’s one of the fandom’s beloved, most favorite people, whether he likes it or not. We’re thrilled to host him this year and to see what kind of shenanigans befall all of you as a result.

Alto Scribe is probably best known for hosting a variety of extremely fun and entertaining game shows at conventions over the years. You can bet you’ll see some of them here at TrotCon 2020, and you’ll be bound to see Alto pop up on a variety of other panels as well, perhaps some hosted by some of the other folks we’ve announced today!

WHEW. OK. That’s everyone.

For now. We’ve got more in the pipe, just gotta dot our Is, cross our Ts, etc. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, remember that we’ve got pre-reg badges at $55 through June, and our panel applications are up until late April.

Come hang with us!