Announcing TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day

September 20, 2020 in Online Event by Kevin

Oh, why not, let’s do another one.

We’d hoped we’d be able to see you all in person this year; perhaps even after TrotCon 2020 went fully online in July, we’d try for some sort of mini event if the national situation was looking better later in the year.

But it’s just not really looking like that’s going to be viable. So instead, we’re happy to announce that we’re coming back for a second online event — announcing TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day.

On the weekend of Dec. 4-6, we’ll be running a full three days of panels, music, games and other programming largely based around My Little Pony (but not JUST My Little Pony; we do branch out from time to time!). We’ll also feature a stacked list of vendors in our vendor hall who’ll have plenty of awesome wares and art that we hope will strike your fancy.

Speaking of, we now have applications available for both vendors and panels. You can find vendor apps here and panel apps here.

Musician? Hold tight. We’ve got ya covered soon.

That’s about all for now! If the applications above don’t pertain to you, just keep an eye out on our social media for the pre-reg form for the event, and tune in via our website and Discord on Dec. 4-6.