TrotCon Online 2 Community Guest Round-Up, the Sequel: Foal Papers, Fiaura & The Brony Critic

November 22, 2020 in Guest Announcement, Online Event by Kevin

Art: Amodwithoutamark Productions

The second round of our community guest announcements for TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day is here, and previous attendees of TrotCon should definitely know these folks.

Foal Papers, Fiaura the Tank Girl and The Brony Critic will be attending TrotCon Online 2!

(First of all, can we all recognize how cute this announcement art from Amodwithoutamark is? Omg. Gonna go make a gingerbread house, stat.)

Foal Papers, whose TrotCon story goes allllll the way back to the first IRL event in 2012 (he’s as crazy as we are!), is a wonderful emcee and host who you’ll often find leading discussions with our VIP guests, helming charity auctions and occasionally running panels himself. He’s also a keeper of the PonyCons spreadsheet that’s surely been a wealth of historical information for many of us over the years in the convention scene, and he was one of the instrumental folks in setting up support for vendors and others affected by the COVID-19 pandemic back when it began.

Fiaura the Tank Girl, who you’ll also find in our vendor hall, is back at TrotCon with a variety of panels that analyze fandoms such as My Little Pony from a scientific vantage point and also delve into the popular Fallout: Equestria subgenre of the fandom. At this event in particular, look forward to more FO:E content, plus some programming for fans of tabletop gaming and even a look at ponies and the holidays — perfect for our theme, yeah?

Finally, The Brony Critic, another longtime TrotCon attendee, returns to our community guest roster; this time he’s teaming up for a look at the villains of Equestria, but at IRL events you can also expect some fanfiction-forward programming, if ya dig that. (He, plus Foal Papers, Fiaura and many more, are also community guests at our next TrotCon IRL event, whenever that is! Fingers crossed for July 2021. Wear a dang mask.)

They join previously announced community guests RiffPonies, Keeping Friendship Magic and Argembarger, all of whom will also be presenting some kickass panel content for you Dec. 4-6. We’ve started announcing some of it on our Twitter account, but the full schedule is coming very soon!

TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day starts in less than two weeks! While all applications are closed, you can pre-register here; pre-registration, like the event itself, is completely free, but it helps us get a headcount for Dec. 4-6, and you can also snag some sponsor badges and the like by following that link.