Jesse Inocalla Is Our 12th Guest of TrotCon Online: Snow Day

November 27, 2020 in Guest Announcement, Online Event by Kevin

(Art: Amodwithoutamark)

We’ve got just one more VIP guest announcement for you for next weekend’s TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day.

Please welcome guest No. 12: Jesse Inocalla!

In the MLP universe, you’ll know Inocalla as the voice of Sans Smirk in the final season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Some of his other roles include Soren in Netflix’s The Dragon Prince (patiently awaiting that new season!), plus spots in Legends of Chima, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and more.

Jesse joins our positively stacked guest list (at least certainly by our standards!) that also includes Elley-Ray, Giles Panton, Devyn Dalton, Asia Mattu, Alison Wandzura, Meaghan Hommy, Cole Howard, Caitlyn Bairstow, Ian Hanlin, Katrina Salisbury and Brian Doe!

Whew. Deep breath.

You can come see all 12(!) of these awesome guests — plus an assortment of community guests, musicians, vendors, panelists and more — at TrotCon Online next weekend, starting Dec. 4 and going through Dec. 6.

Our online store is now available, meaning you can snag autographs and Zoom calls with our VIPs if you so desire. Of course, you can also get the above and more by signing up as a sponsor for the event, which you can do on our RSVP page.

This very well might be our last announcement of TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day! If so, we’ll see all of you in one week.