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Asia Mattu, Alison Wandzura & Meaghan Hommy Are Our Latest Guests for TrotCon Online!

November 15, 2020 in Uncategorized by Kevin

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Y’all ever seen My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever? Super cute holiday special from a few years back in the Friendship Is Magic universe?

If so, you’ll surely remember Aurora, Bori and Alice (say that out loud in case you haven’t seen the special, lol), the gift-giving magical reindeer who play an important part in the story.

Ever wanted to meet them and their voice actors? Cool, because all three — Asia Mattu (Aurora), Alison Wandzura (Bori) and Meaghan Hommy (Alice) — are coming to TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day!

What better way than to meet these fine folks at our online, winter-themed event, which is happening Dec. 4-6?

You might recognize Mattu’s voice from shows such as Gigantosaurus and Dragon Ball Absalon, Wandzura appears in such series as The Crossing and Critters: A New Binge, while Hommy may be familiar to viewers of shows like Almost Actors and Beaver’s Edge.

You’ll be able to see all three as part of panel programming as well as autograph availability; a full schedule is forthcoming on our website.

Mattu, Wandzura and Hommy join previously announced VIP guests Elley-Ray, Giles Panton, Brian Doe, Cole Howard, Katrina Salisbury and Devyn Dalton, as well as community guests RiffPonies, Keeping Friendship Magic and Argembarger.

All applications for the event are now closed, but you can still pre-register (free unless you’re purchasing a sponsor badge) right here — in fact, we definitely ask that you do so; it’ll help us get a head count for next month!

See everyone in just a few weeks!

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Brian Doe, Cole Howard, Katrina Salisbury & Devyn Dalton Are Coming to TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day!

November 1, 2020 in Uncategorized by Kevin

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TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day is nearly upon us, happening in just over a month, Dec. 4-6, 2020.

So why not celebrate the start of November with a brand-new guest announcement? Shoot, why not three?

We’re excited to announce that Devyn Dalton, Katrina Salisbury, Cole Howard and Brian Doe will be attending TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day next month!

As part of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Salisbury is known as the voice of Yona in later seasons, while her non-MLP credits include Molly of Denali, Tobot and more.

Dalton, who voiced Ocellus in MLP:FIM, has also taken on a variety of other voice roles, including parts in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Beyblade Burst and A Fairly Odd Christmas.

Howard voiced Terramar in MLP:FIM and has also appeared in a variety of anime and TV shows such as The Dragon Prince, Ratchet & Clank and Action Dad.

Doe, meanwhile, will be best known to MLP audiences as Timber Spruce while also appearing in Supergirl, Beyblade Burst, Denball Senki and more.

All four join Elley Ray and Giles Panton as our previously announced guests at TrotCon Online, with more to come.

Wanna hang? Nice, we’d love to have you. While panelist and vendor applications for this event are closed, we still have musician apps open through Nov. 12, and you’re also welcome to pre-register (it’s free; we’d just like a head count!) here, where you can additionally snag some sponsor items if you so choose.

We’ll see you in a month!

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Announcing Giles Panton & Elley Ray for TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day!

October 19, 2020 in Uncategorized by Kevin

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Time for some online event guests! LET’S RAGE.

On Dec. 4-6, we’ve got our second online event, TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day, for your viewing pleasure, and for our first guest announcements for that event, we’re proud to welcome Giles Panton and Elley Ray to the #squad.

Panton will be familiar to the MLP: FIM audience as the voice actor for Flash Magnus, alongside other voice and acting roles in shows such as Lego Nexo Knights, The Man in the High Castle and more.

Elley Ray, meanwhile? Oh, you already know her if you’ve been coming to TrotCon events virtual and IRL the last few years. She’s best known as the voice of Mistmane when it comes to MLP, though, in case you needed a refresher.

We’re excited to announce Giles and Elley just a few days before the deadlines for vendor and panel applications for Snow Day. Both fall on Oct. 23, so you’ve got until the end of the day then (not much longer!) to submit a panel or apply to sell your wares in our virtual vendor hall.

For more information, hit up our vendor app and our panelist app.

And also feel free to visit our online event-only website,, too. You’ll wanna log on there on Dec. 4, as well as join our Discord, for the festivities. Do us a solid and pre-register too, just so we know you’re coming (it’s a free event, don’t worry!).

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Pardon the Mess

September 1, 2018 in Uncategorized by Darkly

We are working on moving over to a new host and getting the site set back up. So please pardon the messy look currently.

Registration is open you can find it in the menu above.

If you have any questions hit us up via Discord or email!

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Big Announcement: TrotCon 2016 and Beyond!

July 26, 2015 in Uncategorized by Darkly

So, it’s been a week since TrotCon 2015 ended. Crazy, right? We think so. Time is weird. A flat circle, even.

We had a downright amazing time with you guys this year. Like, for real — it ruled. And many of you responded in a similar way; after all, we increased our attendance numbers by a whole 20 percent this year, and we even ran out of our usual kids’ badges halfway through because so many little ones came out this year. That’s so cool. It was an absolute joy to put on this event for you and we’re glad the response for TrotCon 2015 was mostly positive. If you gave us a Rotten Tomatoes score, it seems like we’d at least hit the 90s, right? Take that, (fill in new Adam Sandler movie here)!

However, we did want to clear up something incredibly important, and we wanted to get it out there right off the bat: TrotCon 2016 will not be the final TrotCon.

We know, we know, we’re throwing you for a loop, aren’t we? We’re like that high school crush that tells you one thing and then can’t get their #feelings straight the next day. Call us flip-floppers, call us wishy-washy.

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July 16, 2015 in Uncategorized by Darkly

We did it! We made it to TrotCon 2015! Far out, dudes!

Just a reminder that we’re selling badges at the door this weekend — $50 for the whole weekend, then $25 for Friday, $35 for Saturday and $20 for Sunday. All you gotta do is show up to registration, fill out your information and voila! Remember, ages 12 and under are free, too!

If you pre-registered, you can show up starting at 7 p.m. Thursday night to pick up your badge through midnight. After that, we’ll be opening registration at 7 a.m. Friday morning.

Still on the fence about coming out? Take a gander around our website for information about our guests, panels and much more. We’re super pumped about everything we’re offering in 2015 and we think you will be, too. Plenty of vendors, musicians… man, it’s gonna rule.

Follow us on social media this weekend (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram) to join in on the fun, too!

Later, dudes and dudettes. Hope to see you soon.

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TrotCon’s heading to St. Louis!

October 14, 2014 in Uncategorized by Darkly


Catch us at Crystal Fair! We’ll be selling swag and you can score some discounted tickets while enjoying the fantastic sights, smells, and sounds of the best little pony convention in Missouri. We can’t wait to see you there!