Rules & Policies

In general: act sensibly. Don’t do anything that will risk the safety of others or hamper their ability to enjoy the convention. We’re all coming to enjoy cartoon ponies. Keep that in mind, and have fun.

While we welcome anyone to attend our convention, we also reserve the right to deny or revoke admittance at any time, to any individual, and for any reason. All policies and rules are subject to change without any prior or posted notice, and TrotCon staff reserve the sole right of interpretation.

Your badge is the property of Dragon Adventures LLC, and must be presented or surrendered to any staff member requesting it. Badges should be worn at all times, and may not be transferred or shared without explicit written permission from registration staff.

Convention Operations will be available for the duration of the event to help address any concerns or issues that arise. If you have a problem, talk to them.

Children and Families

All ages are welcome to attend TrotCon. Up to two children 12 and under are admitted free per one paid adult badge.

Parents: Note that while your little crusaders will have plenty to see and do, understand that not all of our events will necessarily be friendly or appropriate for young ages, and we encourage active supervision. While anything that might veer into more adult-oriented territory will be clearly marked, it is ultimately up to you to determine what is appropriate. Convention staff are not responsible for monitoring your children.

Be aware that the city of Columbus enforces a curfew between midnight and 4:30 AM for children under 18, and between sunset (about 9:00 PM for the dates of the convention) and 4:30 AM for those under 13.

Weapons & Props

No devices which may be confused for live weapons are permitted. Nerf-style weapons may be used as props, but these weapons may not be painted or modified to look real. Guns, Airsoft / paintball / pellet guns, steel swords, live steel of any kind, nunchuks, etc. are not permitted. Foam toy swords are permissible, but only as a prop. Prop light sabers and blasters are certainly permitted, following the same guidelines. Skateboards, roller skates, rollerblades, and other forms of wheeled footwear are not to be used inside the building.

Shooting Nerf blasters, dueling, or sword fighting of any kind is not permitted within the venue space, outside of convention-sanctioned events.


No merchandise may be sold in any part of the convention at any time without prior approval from convention staff. If you wish to sell anything at the convention, we encourage you to apply for a vendor table.

All content on display at vendors’ tables must be appropriate for all ages. Any adult content must be kept out of sight within the convention area. Any public display of inappropriate content will result in immediate removal from the premises with no refund.

Illicit Clothing

C’mon, do we really need to remind you? Please don’t be wearing something you shouldn’t in an all-ages area. We don’t want to have to be all parent-y on you and make you change your clothes.

Panels and Events

Panelists are expected to be punctual, should provide content for the entire duration of the panel as scheduled, should adhere roughly to the outline submitted in the panel application, and must adhere to the panel’s content rating. Failure to meet these conditions may result in termination of your panel and/or loss of refund to badge costs. If unexpected circumstances prevent your panel from starting or finishing on time, please notify TrotCon staff as soon as possible.

Press, Media, and Photography

Photography is welcome at TrotCon. Journalists and press members must obtain and display an official TrotCon press badge. Commercial photography, video recordings, and interviews with staff, guests, or attendees are prohibited without a press badge. To obtain one, send a request to Please consider disabling your flash when projectors are in use (e.g. during video screenings), as it is distracting.

Many people will be taking photos and video during the convention, so you may very well find yourself in photos or video recordings. Additionally, Dragon Adventures LLC may photograph or video record events for promotional purposes. By attending the convention, you are inherently consenting to being recorded and photographed.

Panelists and artists may ask that no photographs or video be taken of their panels and artwork. Please be courteous and comply with these requests.