Live Action Gaming

All live action game events are free to play this year! No extra fee! All you need to do is sign a waiver and get your badge stamped at the info desk.

Splatfest2! Woomy-Squidaloo

Splatfest returns with a collection of water pistols and super soakers! Come in your swimwear to cool off outside and prepare to get soaked!

~limited space available~

Laser Royale

Fancy a bout of combat? Unlike the weapons of old, this game uses future technology called… “Lazars”! No more steam or black powder! Come join in the fun using the Nerf LaserOps Pro system for laser tag!

Advisory: there WILL be flashy lights and lasers.

~limited space available~

Foam Open Play

Want to shoot targets? Try out a blaster? Maybe chat with other foam flinging enthusiasts? Then come in during open play and hang out. The room is open when we’re not running other events.

A Song of Cogs and Sprockets (Nerf War)

Check your fisticuffs at the door and get ready for conquest! The darts will fly and you are sure to have a good time as you fling foam towards your friends. It’s a full on Nerf battle!