Nerf War – Info and Rules

It’s a full blown Nerf war, full of foam flinging action!

 Hello and welcome, please read these rules and fill out a physical activity waiver before entering the room during events.

Didn’t bring your own blaster?

Loaner blasters are available in case you don’t have your own and we are more than happy to show you how they work. Please don’t abuse them. If anything breaks or malfunctions inform the owner so they know to fix it later.

Event-owned magazines/clips are marked with bright green tape.

Please be sure to return any event-owned blasters, magazines, darts, and accessories before leaving the event room.


General courtesy:

Respect other people’s belongings. Do not touch or move things which do not belong to you. If you want to see someone’s gear, just ask; they’ll probably be happy to show you.


Don’t get into any arguments of “I got you” “No you didn’t”. If you are not sure if you were hit or not, just take the hit. If a player constantly ignores hits, even after friendly calls, inform a moderator.


Minors 8+ are allowed to play with parental or equivalent supervision.

Calling a Hold:

Any participant is allowed to call a hold during games. When called, all players should stop playing and repeat the call to ensure everyone heard.

Only call a hold in case of emergency (such as an injury).

Dart Sweeps:

All players are expected to participate in dart sweeps. These happen between game matches.

The group spreads out and picks up all ammunition on the ground regardless of ownership. It all goes into a large bin where players may then search for their own ammo (provided it has been marked).



Blasters are toy guns that fire foam, darts, balls, and other ammo types, inclusive of Nerf, Buzz-bee, Boom-co, X-shot, and other brands. Blasters that fire water or other liquids/goo are not allowed.

Modded blasters are allowed after passing inspection by a moderator. Please ensure they have orange tips on the muzzle.

There will be an FPS limit of 130.


The event will have a community pool of darts available for use. If you bring your own they will need to be checked for safety by a moderator.

We have a supply of standard elite darts and a limited supply of Mega Darts.

Rival balls and other special types like Boom-co, Vortex, Demolisher, and rockets are not supplied.

If you bring your own, please mark them in such a way that you can find them later. If you use unmarked ammunition it will be assumed to be a donation to the event.


Melee weapons must be checked for safety before being allowed on the field. They must not have any sharp or pointy edges on the striking surface. The construction must utilize foam padding.


Shield construction must be safe without any sharp or pointy edges. Foam padding is encouraged. It doesn’t have to hold up to heavy, full-contact LARP standards as our melee is not very forceful.


Cosplay Armor is allowed but will not give any advantage toward gameplay. Please take your tags, even if you get hit on your armor. Moderators will be watching.

Fursuits are allowed so long as the wearer has a wide enough field of vision as to not trip over obstacles.


Taking hits/getting tagged:

A hit or tag counts when a projectile or melee strike comes in contact with any part of your body or gear. Ricochets do not count with the exception of vortex discs. If you are not sure if a hit is a ricochet, assume it was a good hit and proceed to respawn.

Headshots count, however avoid aiming for the head or face on purpose.

When you are tagged, hold your blaster above your head and proceed to your team’s respawn point (if applicable). If there are no respawn rules in play, proceed to the outer edge of the room and wait for the next match.

If a medic is in play, crouch with your blaster up and wait for them to tap you back in.

We use the honor system, however sometimes people in the action might not notice that they were hit. Wait to ensure your shot makes contact before calling a hit. Do not call hits while your shot is still in the air. If your target has not noticed or taken the hit, then you may politely point at them and inform them calmly.

Melee & Close Quarters Combat:

You may not pistol whip or rifle butt anyone. The only melee contact allowed is with approved foam weapons. Head shots and groin hits are not allowed. The swinging force of a melee weapon should be light, but firm enough to notice. An example can be given on-site by a moderator.

No melee contact is allowed with fursuits. Do not use melee against them.

Shield Rules:

If you are carrying a shield, you may not use a blaster that takes a magazine or uses flywheels to fire.

Your shield blocks melee, standard darts, half darts, and rival balls. If hit by a Mega dart, it “penetrates” the shield and counts as a hit on the user. If the shield is hit by a demolisher rocket or other type of rocket, it counts as being “destroyed” and must be dropped on the ground.

When in melee or close quarters the shield may not be used as a weapon. No shield checks, bashing, or punching.


ALL blasters, darts, melee weapons, and shields must be checked by a moderator to ensure they are safe before being allowed in a game.

Modded blasters must be looked over and test fired. A limit of 130 feet per second is applied to blasters.

Safety glasses are available to borrow. Children MUST wear these.

In the unlikely event of an injury, a halt will be called and the game will cease until the situation is resolved.


A Moderator or “MOD” is a member of the group who upholds the rules and ensures safety. You will be able to know a Mod by the reflective safety vest they will be wearing for easier visibility.

Obey all Moderator instructions.