Community Guests


“Tired of your average, everyday ponies?  Now, try RIFFPONIES!  Straight from the armpit of the country known as New Jersey comes the snarkiest panel team in the fandom, led by Pony panelist extraordinaire Thoth Penswell & Pony fan-artist/convention artist Acesential!  From Mystery Science Theater-styled riffs, to bad fan-fiction readings, to drunk Pony trivia game shows, RiffPonies is guaranteed to deliver you laughs and a few surprises along the way as well!  9 out of 10 horse doctors agree, RiffPonies is your go-to-guys for Pony comedy content!” 


Pixelkitties, aka Monica, is one of the biggest names in My Little Pony fanart! She is perhaps best known for her work creating unique autograph images for the cast and crew of Friendship is Magic. She also designs official pony shirts, playmats, game cards and merchandising art. By day she runs a multimedia digital design team, creates merchandise for Star Wars, Marvel Comics and Disney, bravely walks barefoot across floor LEGOs, and brews her own beer.

The Traveling Pony Museum

It is a traveling collection of works by talented artists from the “MLP: FiM” fan community. Growing out of a wish to cast a spotlight on underexposed artists, TPM quickly developed from a single planned exhibition at one event into an organization dedicated to appearances at conventions and events around the country. As diverse as the My Little Pony community itself, the museum’s collection includes drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, digital artwork, customized pony dolls, and custom stuffed toys.

TJ Carson – PirateDash

T.J. Carson is the moderator of the well-known Tumblr blog ‘Ask Pirate Dash’. In addition, he moderates ‘Ask Mic Boom’ and ‘Marigold’s Recovery.’ Outside of being an artist and running ask blogs, he is also on staff for multiple MLP conventions. T.J. has been a My Little Pony fan since 2011, upon discovering Friendship is Magic for the first time. His favorite character, for obvious reasons, is Rainbow Dash. But most importantly, T.J. is known to drop puns at any time on anybody. So keep your eyes out for the pun maker in the red visor!

The Brony Critic

The Brony Critic is Ohio’s premier My Little Pony critic and analyst, specializing in fan works and theories. A professional filmmaker and critic, this will be his seventh year attending TrotCon as a panelist and fourth as a community guest. The Brony Critic is also a voice actor and writer, currently working on a Doctor Whooves audioplay and the fanfiction series “The Equestrian Cycle”.

Fiaura the Tank Girl

Fiaura is first and foremost a researcher and a live streamer second. She works to write fan fiction her fans ask for and research questions like: How does physics work in My Little Pony? How do these ponies actually affect our minds as adults? These are just some examples between the Fallout: Equestria live streams and occasional looks at video games; prepare yourself for science!