Brilliant Venture

Gender – Stallion
Race – Unicorn
Location – Lands Unknown

For tonight…is a magical story…After last year’s “In Concert” performance titled “Journey,” Brilliant Venture returns to you, for “In Concert : Legacy.” This one hour special set will feature new and unreleased original pony music, LIVE guest acts, and fresh takes on fan favorites from the past. “Legacy,” is all about looking back at the magical memories and treasures of old, and reflecting on what made them special in the first place. MLP:FIM carries an amazing legacy that still inspires many artists and musicians to this day, and reminds us that no matter what happens in the future, the love of the fandom lives on! Join him on this special quest, and enjoy the magical night he has in store for you! 
(Genres: 100% Pure Pony Trance, Progressive, Complextro, Dubstep, and Drum n’ Bass)


Hey Mares and Djentlecolts, Brownie here! Back at it again with some more metal covers of your favorite horse songs from MLP. Come check out my set if you like Daniel Ingram’s compositions from Season 9 all the way back from Season 1 but remade to be headbanging, moshing, hardcore dancing, and circle pitting sensations. Hope to see you guys there and enjoying the music! /)


Bug 2: Electric Boogaloo




D3RP1 b2b Water Horse

Two guys who make horse tunes and blast loud screeches

General Mumble & Koa

General Mumble and Koa make up the electronic music power-couple behind Mumble Etc., crossing lines between genres ranging from pop to hardcore to the occasional noise project – and more. They’ve been making pony music since 2011 and, even while delving into numerous other projects, to this day they just can’t seem to resist small colorful horses.



JESUSKIDZ is a music producer from Columbus, OH specializing in a wide variety of styles, from pop to hip-hop to EDM (curiously, he rarely plays any religious music). He’s a member of the NÜMU collective and has formed the duo project #SHEETZGANG with fellow Ohio producer Hazelboy. JESUSKIDZ has been DJing at Trotcon and other conventions since 2016, and has released music on DESKPOP, Fright House, and Hellectronics as well as NÜMU. Get ready to praise The Lord and catch the Holy Spirit during his DJ set at this year’s rave.


Since 2012, L-Train has been astounding and delighting bronies with his 
metal re-interpretations of well-loved songs from the show and the 
fandom, as well as his unique “symphonic metal operas” based on stories 
from the show’s lore featuring many talented guests from across the 

Luck Rock

Luck Rock is proud to return to his home convention this year with his high-energy pop-punk music! After touring the many stages on the convention circuit, there is nowhere Luck would rather be than here at the greatest city and brony convention in the world!


Melody Brony

I am a multi-instrumentalist musician based in southeast Michigan. I specialize in rock and metal but I also do some softer genres as well. I’m currently working on my first album!





You know what runs fast? Horses. You what kind of music goes fast? Drum and Bass. It’s like a match made in heaven.



PegasYs graces Trotcon with his funky fresh beats that are sure not to disappoint. From his sick Glitch Hop tunes to his off the wall live Talk Box playing, you’re sure to find something to enjoy!


My production standards started in the fandom back in 2012. Ever since then I have been increasing my craft ever since. I have moved on to other things but that does not mean I will play some classics.



Fourth time’s a charm with local DJ and freelance musician, R3CTIFIER, returning to the stage. Slap on your dance gear and get ready for their hardest set yet containing hot tracks from Cider Party, P@D and even face melting, underrated musicians. I mean seriously, who wants to listen to the Tombstone remix of ‘Discord’ on loop for the three-millionth time? Drop by for a fresh, fun, and heavy night sure to keep your bones rattling all night long. No shoes required!

Straight from the Heart

Founded by MC-Arch, Straight from the Heart has single-handedly revitalized the brony hip hop scene in a big way. From mega collabs to showcasing the hottest new fandom MCs and now live shows, the movement still burns with a passion to this day! (SFTH will be represented by ShobieShy, J. Free, and Nevermourn) This performance will contain explicit lyrics. Attendee discretion is advised.




Hello! My name is Tyler, or TPressleyJ. I like to make heavy electronic music like dubstep, trap, and riddim. You may know me from being on the past few albums from Ponies at Dawn, which they featured a few of my tracks like “What the Hay,” “Polar Opposition VIP,” and my trap remix of Tridashie’s “Pony Girl.” I strive to make each track and convention performance better than the previous!