Panel Listing

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A Series of Equestrian Events
We all know MLP:FiM has many episodes, and there seems to be a chronology to them. In this panel we will be giving a specific order for every episode, explaining when it happens as well as why we know. Some are based on holidays, others we know by strange details like phases of the moon or harvest seasons of certain fruit! Come on out and finally witness a cohesive, well-crafted equestrian timeline.

A Trek Panel
Star Trek and MLP have some fun linkages from John de Lancie playing similar characters to references in the show and comics. We’ll go over some of the references to Trek in pony and then discuss the new era of Trek that is upon us.

Autistic Faerie’s Guide to Autism Acceptance
Join the Autistic Faerie and others as they talk about their experiences as Autistic people. Learn about the Neurodiversity Movement, Identity First vs. Person First language, Stimming, Sensory Issues, and much more.

Beginners Guide to ARGs and Internet Oddities [T]
Ever been interested in the spoopy stuff that people have been reposting on Twitter and YouTube? No need to fret, this panel is all about just that thing. Scary stuff from the internet and some really creepy stuff from this fandom!! Warning: some content in here may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Best MLP Character Tournament
For 9 years we have argued over the answer: Who is the best MLP character? Now you decide! Come participate in the 64-seed March Madness-style tournament to decide, once and for all, the very best character from the show!

Cartoons! Not Just for Kids! [M]
Most people today seem to see cartoons as a kids-only medium, but did you know that this wasn’t always the case? Come hear about the history of cartoons, why they aren’t just for kids, and why this pervading mentality is holding us back!

Con Runner Chat [T]
Ever wonder about what it’s like to run a convention? Have a burning question you’d like to ask a con organizer? Then this is the panel for you! Join Charlie Worthley (Chair of Ponyville Ciderfest and Whinny City Pony Con) and some other convention core staffers to learn all kinds of things you didn’t know about running conventions.

Dramatic Readings for Dysfunctional Adults [M]
Returning for another year, the dramatic readings panel involves a transcript of an episode of MLP:FiM and a bunch of ignoramuses doing voice impressions of popular characters, political figures, or any other famous or cartoon individual. The ignoramuses then read the transcript in the silly voices chosen as silliness and adlib ensues.

Equestrian Legends: Origins
Come on out to attend another installment of Equestrian Legends! This time, I will be delving into the history, culture, and lore of all the MLP races! From earth pony to changeling, I will recount what I think their histories are and give more depth through analysis to each culture! The show is already so involved and wonderful, let’s see if we can make it even better… with headcanons!

Fan Fiction Writing in Crossover Universes [T]
Have you ever just wanted to cross the streams and get a little crazy? This panel will talk about the dos and don’ts of crossover fanfiction along with some great examples of the best works the community has to offer.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Tambelon Edition
Ever wonder about the lore of the Fantastic Beasts that show up in My Little Pony? This panel will explore the lore of our favorite fantastic multicolored beasties that populate Equestria and beyond! Unicorns, Griffons, and Bugbears! Oh my!

Filly Funtasia: Magic, Spells, and Fun
Another cartoon horse show? That’s right! Whether you are already a fan of the show Filly Funtasia or are completely unfamiliar with it and curious to learn more, come visit this panel for an in depth look at these colorful equines from Europe.

Fursuits 101: Bringing Toys to Life
Learn all about what goes into making and performing MLP fursuit costumes.

Horrors of G1 MLP [T]
Many people think that G1 MLP was all happy and light. Let’s have dancing, tea parties, slavery, hopscotch, genocide, evil plants, multiple apocalyptic events, a wasteland, and lemonade stands. Wait a minute, you think as you head to the fridge, some of that stuff was kind of dark… Come on a journey to explore the darker side of G1 MLP ~if you dare~ and meet some new old friends like Grogar and Tirek.

If it Fits, It Ships: Ship Happens [T]
Back for another installment of shipping, we are going to investigate developments in past ships – Starlight Glimmer x Trixie, Spike x Rarity – from season 8 and 9, as well as new ships we feel are worth mentioning! Is this year the year any of these we have ever done go canon? Find out here!

Jackin’ It with Pirate Dash [M]
Late night laughs are bound to happen as Pirate Dash presents a variety of Jackbox Games! Come be a participant in the games or vote as an audience member as we play games; such as Survive the Internet, Trivia Murder Party, and Quiplash.

Keeping Friendship Magic: The End is the Beginning
With the final season of MLP coming to a close this year it can be hard to think of where the future of our community will go. Combining real world social science with examples from the show, Keeping Friendship Magic will explore how we face the end of that which we love and how we can come together to continue to have a strong tomorrow.

Let’s Get Creative!
What does a panel organizer, a convention artist, and a social scientist have in common? They all CREATE! Join Thoth Penswell, Acesential, and Forward Progress as they detail the art of being creatives in one of the most fan content-driven fandoms around and teach you how you can become a creative as well!

Long Live Tumblrpon
For as long as the brony fandom has been around, Tumblrpon has been an integral part of the community. Over the years, ask blogs have provided fans with vivid art, compelling stories, joyful silliness, heartbreaking moments, and more. It’s even been the starting place for some of the fandom’s best artists. Join us as we look back and discuss some our favorite stories and moments from Tumblrpon.

Magic in Equestria is Alive!
Nearly three years ago, Fiaura theorized that magic in Equestria is alive. In Season 8, we saw the proof; the Tree of Harmony going full sentient upon the student six. What does this mean for the world of Equus and how does this change our perception just what ponies are doing with magic? Let’s analyze this very out there topic as scientifically as possible!

MLPT: Mad Lib Pony Theater [T]
Get ready to fill in the blanks to see some of MLP’s greatest moments as you’ve never seen them before. We’ve chopped up some of your favorite scenes and need your help piecing them back together. Join us for what’s sure to be some wild performances!

Modern Brony Music
Everyone knows the fandom hits that came out during the first few seasons, but what’s going on in the brony music world now? With hundreds of great and diverse, new fan songs getting released each month, it can be hard to keep up with the kinds of tracks you love most! Come choose the songs that we’ll listen to and learn about the sites and compilations that you can use to find your new favorite tracks!

My Little Tonight Show
Live from TrotCon 2019, it’s My Little Tonight Show! Come experience the excitement of a late night talk show brought to the world of MLP. Join our special guests for an hour of fun and frivolity you won’t soon forget!

PixelKitties and Charlie Worthley’s 2nd TrotCon Bottle Share! [21+]
Join two of the fandom’s biggest beer nerds to share in some of yours and others’ excellent beer! A Bottle Share is an opportunity for everyone to bring something special to share with others; please read below full details!

Bottle shares are the best part about the craft beer world. Brewers bust their buns for terrible pay all so we can crack a couple of bottles open with pals and spend a night tasting the brewer’s hard work in the comfort of our own homes.

Inevitably, craft beer drinkers will end up with a collection of bottles in their “cellar” (either literal or figurative) that are too special too waste on an evening home alone. Bottle Shares are the perfect opportunity to share some of your special, rare, and hard to come by beers with your fellow craft beer drinkers.

So fellow beer geeks, this is your chance to get together with some like-minded craft beer lovers to share some favorite, special, and rare brews!

•• Some General Bottle Share Do’s & Don’ts:
• DO Come with at least as much beer as you expect to drink responsibly.
• DO bring great beer to share. This is not the time to unload the three leftover beers from that sampler 12-pack you bought two months ago. If you want to participate and don’t have anything stashed away, go to a place that has a good selection of craft beer and tell them what you’re doing. They’ll likely be able to help you pick out a beer or two that would be appropriate.
• DO make sure you bring enough beer. If you have only a single 12-ounce bottle of some really killer stuff, just save it. At least a 22oz bottle or two regular bottles/cans of each style you bring would be recommended.
• DO embrace the noobs if you’re a vet. These events can be intimidating for people who are just starting their love affair with craft beer. They need encouragement, validation, and education. And you’ll make a friend.
• DON’T open someone else’s beer.
• DON’T be a jerk. Don’t declare a beer infected, inferior, or downright nasty until after the person who brought the beer has had a chance to weigh in. Once they’ve commented on the beer that they thought was special enough to share, you can give your opinion— tactfully.
• DON’T get bent out of shape if your bottle doesn’t get tasted. We’ve been to bottle shares where there were six people and thirty bottles of high-gravity beers. Not all bottles will be tasted. And if yours is one that isn’t, it’s okay. Consider leaving it as a gift for the hosts. 😉

Ponies and You: How MLP Affects Our Lives
My Little Pony has impacted millions of people in ways we never expected and continues to challenge the way we look at the world around us. Join our panelists as we share our stories as to how MLP has changed our lives forever and explore the science behind what holds our fandom together. Audience members will have an opportunity to share their stories as well!

Pony Artist Sketchbook Swap 2019 (All ages!)
Artists of all level are welcome to this relaxing activity! All you need is a sketchbook with a drawing of your very own character. Leave this workshop with new friends and new art of your character!

Win some prizes! You know you wanna.

Pony Mad Libs
Join us as we fill in Various Mad Libs books with help from you, the audience. Audience participation is not only welcome, it’s encouraged as we complete Mad Libs pages with hilarious results.

Pony Mad Libs: The Redux [T]
What’s better than Mad Libs? More Mad Libs! We complete more Mad Libs with help from the audience.

Pony Show Trivia [T]
Grab some friends and test your knowledge of pony! Teams of up to 6 people will compete in five rounds of trivia. Each round will have a theme, and consist of ten questions. All questions will come from the show- comics, Equestria Girls, fan-made content, and other non-show material will not be covered. Co-hosted with Krystal Sparkle.

Ponydrome [T]
The battle for the mind of Equestria will be fought in the video arena: the Ponydrome… Come to this late night panel where the screen is the retina of your mind’s eye. Bizarre, funny, and weird videos abound. Come and let the videos become your new reality.

Previous Generations [T]
As we stand on the cusp of a new generation of ponies, it’s a good time to look at what came before. Join us for a survey of the history of My Little Pony and the waters that it charted.

Riffing Rainbow
Horrible fan-fiction, horrible people – a horribly good time! Join the RiffPonies crew as they take you on a journey through the worst pieces of My Little Pony fan-fiction ever conceived!

Ever wanted to be a brony musician? Well now you can be! Come make sweet music with the RiffPonies crew as they help you master the art of the kazoo and teach you how to play pony songs alongside your fellow bronies!

RiffPonies! [T]
Tired of your average, everyday ponies? Now try RIFFPONIES! Join Thoth Penswell, Acesential, and a gaggle of special guests as they watch terrible pony cartoons both old and new and do the one thing they do best: make fun of them!

Self Printing Fan Fiction
A look into what it takes to go from the digital world to physical print with fanfiction.

So You Want To Run a Panel?
Ever wanted to present something you’re passionate about at a convention? Then you might just be the next great panel organizer! Join social scientist Forward Progress and RiffPonies co-founder Thoth Penswell as they teach you how you can get your voice heard at conventions!

Speed Fics R Us [T]
Having a writers block? Come join several others who are given one hour, two characters, a location, and possibly a typewriter, and write a technicolored horse story! This is the third year, so lets see what happens!

Stockholm Cinema [21+]
You know it, you hate it, and yet somehow you still end up coming back for more. Shotglass and Tazey will be here to subject you to another barrage of unforgivable and confusing works of cinematography. We promise nothing but a bad time. If you stay, you have only yourself to blame.

The Brony Critic’s Guide to Criticism [T]
Sit down with The Brony Critic as he explores the ins and outs of professional criticism, gives advice for would be critics and those who wish to be more discerning and constructive consumers, and discusses his own experiences.

The Convention Reeducation Program [21+]
This is your introduction to conventions and how to get the most out of them. Unfortunately for you, it is presented by Tazey of the Swaglicorn Empire – a trashy, drunken degenerate with no sense of style, civility, or self-preservation. Sage advice or a cautionary tale? I’ll let you and the security staff decide!

The Medicine of My Little Pony
From broken wings to food poisoning, and from surgery to the pony pox, disease and injury are important risks that ponies in Equestria have to confront. In this panel, we’ll dive into medicine in Equestria, and its real world equivalents!

The Mystery Airships
During the late 1890s there was a wave of sightings of fantastic airships piloted by eccentric inventors and weird beings. This panel will dive into the reports of the Mystery Airships and the wide ranging theories behind them ranging from hoaxes, war fever, breakaway civilization, aliens, manifestations, and more!

The Ones we Love to Hate
Everyone loves a good villain, but what exactly makes a villain “good”? In this panel we’ll explore what separates the delightfully dastardly from the dismally developed and what villains work best for which stories!

The Science of Pinkie Pie!
Pinkie Pie is a very strange pony. So strange in fact that any form of scientific analysis of My Little pony always leaves the question: “What about Pinkie Pie?” Well today we’re gonna break this down and have a look to see if Pinkie Pie is actually her own little theory instead of trying to incorporate her into other theories altogether!

The Sunday Hangover Hangout
After a rough night of con partying, what better way to recover than with some good old fashioned cartoons? Join the RiffPonies crew as they cure your convention hangovers with cartoons, insight, and laughs!

The Swaglicorn Empire [21+]

The sky may be falling and the crops may be dying, but bad decision making is FOREVER. So why not spend your last, precious moments with the OG, OC pony apocalypse cult? We’ve got kool-aid at the door, pony prepper protips in the back, spiritual awakenings in 5 easy steps, and even eternal salvation*! Come celebrate the End with the kind of people who contributed to it.

* Results may vary.

Things we should question and DON’T! [21+]
Do Celestia and Luna intentionally mess up to teach Twilight Lessons? How did the parent teacher conference with Cozy Glow’s parents go? What actually happened to Applejack’s parents and why can’t we talk about it? These are things we should know! We should be questioning! Let’s take a long look at just those sorts of things.

30-Minute Challenge [18+]
The 30min Challenge returns! If you’re new to the concept, here’s the rundown: for each challenge we manage to fit in we’ll give you a topic and everyone draws whatever they like with that topic in mind in the given time limit. All the art will be collected, then scanned and put on after the con! NSFW and SFW art is allowed, up to the artists! Don’t be afraid to stop in even if you’ve never drawn a pony before, it’s drawin’ fun for everyone! Pencil and paper provided, but feel free to bring your tablets or additional supplies!

Trotcon Tonight! [18+]
Join us as Pirate Dash and his guests host this talk show inspired panel where any topic is fair game!

Whose Pony is it Anyway [T]
Welcome to “Whose Pony Is It Anyway?”, the game where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. That’s right the points are like. Based on the UK and American “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, Whose Pony is a show featuring performers making everything upon the spot. Our performers will improvise everything based on audience suggestions and cards they’ve never seen before.

Whose Pony Is It Anyway? After Dark [18+]
Welcome to “Whose Pony Is It Anyway?” After Dark style. Our performers will be acting out improvised scenarios based on audience suggestions and cards they’ve never seen before. Join us for an inappropriately good time.

Why Ponies Matter to Adults – Psychology of MLP [T]
Why do they matter to us? What impact has the show had on our community over the last decade? How do small pastel ponies made for kids appeal to adults? Strap yourself in and prepare for someone to show you exactly why this show matters to you and why you keep watching – Fiaura has got the Psychology of Ponies and the Adult Human Mind.

Writers Waffling about Writing Willingly
A pure Q’n’A panel for new, used, and slightly downtrotten (hah, puns) writers to come ask other authors questions that they may or may not have answers to!

Xx_SuperPonysplosion_xX ver 2.0. [M]
Ponysplosion isn’t taught. It is learned. Join us on our decent into devolution. Together, we will find the Ponysplosion.