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Announcing Giles Panton & Elley Ray for TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day!

October 19, 2020 in Uncategorized by Kevin

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Time for some online event guests! LET’S RAGE.

On Dec. 4-6, we’ve got our second online event, TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day, for your viewing pleasure, and for our first guest announcements for that event, we’re proud to welcome Giles Panton and Elley Ray to the #squad.

Panton will be familiar to the MLP: FIM audience as the voice actor for Flash Magnus, alongside other voice and acting roles in shows such as Lego Nexo Knights, The Man in the High Castle and more.

Elley Ray, meanwhile? Oh, you already know her if you’ve been coming to TrotCon events virtual and IRL the last few years. She’s best known as the voice of Mistmane when it comes to MLP, though, in case you needed a refresher.

We’re excited to announce Giles and Elley just a few days before the deadlines for vendor and panel applications for Snow Day. Both fall on Oct. 23, so you’ve got until the end of the day then (not much longer!) to submit a panel or apply to sell your wares in our virtual vendor hall.

For more information, hit up our vendor app and our panelist app.

And also feel free to visit our online event-only website,, too. You’ll wanna log on there on Dec. 4, as well as join our Discord, for the festivities. Do us a solid and pre-register too, just so we know you’re coming (it’s a free event, don’t worry!).

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Announcing TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day

September 20, 2020 in Online Event by Kevin

Oh, why not, let’s do another one.

We’d hoped we’d be able to see you all in person this year; perhaps even after TrotCon 2020 went fully online in July, we’d try for some sort of mini event if the national situation was looking better later in the year.

But it’s just not really looking like that’s going to be viable. So instead, we’re happy to announce that we’re coming back for a second online event — announcing TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day.

On the weekend of Dec. 4-6, we’ll be running a full three days of panels, music, games and other programming largely based around My Little Pony (but not JUST My Little Pony; we do branch out from time to time!). We’ll also feature a stacked list of vendors in our vendor hall who’ll have plenty of awesome wares and art that we hope will strike your fancy.

Speaking of, we now have applications available for both vendors and panels. You can find vendor apps here and panel apps here.

Musician? Hold tight. We’ve got ya covered soon.

That’s about all for now! If the applications above don’t pertain to you, just keep an eye out on our social media for the pre-reg form for the event, and tune in via our website and Discord on Dec. 4-6.

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TrotCon Online! – July 17th-19th

July 12, 2020 in Online Event by Darkly

Join us next weekend for TrotCon Online!

We have a ton of online events planned! A bunch of VIP guests and Community guests, a full roster of musicians! And of course a ton of awesome vendors to buy from.

The event will be streamed on the TrotCon Online website and all of the chat action will happen in our discord server.

For more information about the event and a link to join the server check out

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TrotCon Online

June 12, 2020 in Online Event by Darkly

Okay Everyone, Big Announcement!

The chairs of PonyFest and TrotCon met last night to have a serious discussion about the joint event.

Both TrotCon and PonyFest Online have come to the conclusion that putting on an event of this magnitude requires a significant amount of time to be committed, and feel that this is too much to ask of PFO staff at this time. Some of the PonyFest staff needs this time to refresh and to engage in the ongoing civil discussions across the US and around the world.

What does that mean for the event? TrotCon Online will take place on the original dates on the TrotCon servers. Which are July 17th-19th, 2020.

What does this mean for you? If you want to be part of this awesome event, you’ll need to join us in the TrotCon discord. Once there you’ll find helpful TrotCon staffers, a growing community, and many of the PonyFest staffers you’ve come to know and love. We will have more information regarding the event streams and everything else in the coming weeks. For now, come join our discord and hangout.

Everyone from TrotCon and PonyFest is super appreciative of all the hard work everyone on both sides has done so far. THANK YOU!

We look forward to a long, bright future for both events.

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Katrina Salisbury Is Returning to TrotCon!

May 22, 2020 in Guest Announcement, Registration by Kevin

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All right. Let’s get going on 2021.

Last week, we announced that TrotCon 2020 has been canceled and all badges, unless you let us know otherwise, are being moved to 2021 (not requested a refund, rollover or donation yet? Here!). We’re also largely picking up what we had planned for ’20 and moving it into ’21, which includes not just guest announcements but also applications for panels, vendors and the like.

Now, we’re happy to say that we have someone new joining the TrotCon 2021 ranks: please welcome back Katrina Salisbury!

Katrina last attended TrotCon in 2019 and was in talks to return for 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. We’re super thankful that she’s able to stick with us, along with (tentatively!) the rest of our already-announced guest list, for next July.

Unfamiliar? In the My Little Pony world, she’s best known for voicing Yona on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, something of a fan-favorite role in the closing seasons of the show. She’s also appeared as Nina on Molly of Denali, Angela on Tobot and more!

She joins previously announced VIPs such as Tabitha St. Germain, M.A. Larson, Elley Ray and Claire Corlett, along with a slew of community guests.

Speaking of community guests, we’ve got another TrotCon-related announcement for you. Not so much a new community guest, but… new sponsor perks!

Today we’re revealing three new sponsor tiers: griffin, kirin and batpony!

Now, these tiers are a little different than what you’d normally expect from a TrotCon sponsor badge. Instead of featuring perks more specific to our VIP guests, these snag you perks related to our community guests instead. You’ll have the ability to attend a community guest meet-and-greet during the convention, and you’ll also snag priority access to the non-mane events panel rooms.

Additionally, you’ll get many of the perks generally associated with those price tiers not related to priority mane events access or the VIP meet-and-greets — autograph vouchers, posters, priority vendor hall access, the usual. Our changeling and draconequus tiers will automatically snag the perks associated with these new tiers.

Bit of an experiment here, adding these new tiers! If it works, awesome. If it doesn’t, we’ll cook up something else for 2022, yeah? Some of you have expressed interest in our community guests vs. the VIPs, so this here’s for you.

That’s all for now! Remember that badge sales for 2021 are now available, with a three-day pass running you $55 until we close pre-registration in June 2021.

We’ve got more VIP announcements coming down the pipe, too! Stay tuned.

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TrotCon Is Canceled for 2020 — Announcing TrotCon 2021

May 12, 2020 in Hotel, Programming, Registration by Kevin

We’re just gonna cut to the chase. Our usual three-day TrotCon isn’t happening this year.

I know, I know. Some states, including Ohio, are slowly beginning reopening procedures amid the COVID-19 outbreak. We said that we would postpone to later in the year if we needed to. There are still seven-ish months left in the year, so why are you just canceling, etc.

Look, we want to have what was likely to be the biggest TrotCon ever as much as you do. It’s the reason we held off as long as we did before making an official decision.

But with many of you voicing concerns about being able to attend at all this year, plus the fact that we’re going to have attendees this year from across the world, let alone the country, we felt that it was the best decision to protect the health of all attendees to not have an event in July. I mean, have you been to our venue? We love the Crowne Plaza, but unlike some conventions, such as those held in convention centers, there isn’t nearly as much space in which you can move around. Fine enough for pandemic-less times, yes, but iffier when it comes to the measures we’d have to have in place to ensure our attendees’ health.

The nail in the coffin? Our VIP guests did not feel comfortable traveling to TrotCon in July. We want to give you what many of you paid for, and while we know some of you will come to TrotCon no matter the guest and programming situation, we also recognize that some of you are attending with the intent of meeting the people we’d already announced.

Could we have done an event later in the year, when, hopefully, restrictions are more lax? Totally. But it, once again, would not be the same event that we promised you.

As such, think of it this way: we’re picking up TrotCon 2020 and dropping it into 2021.

Next summer, July 16-18, 2021, we’ll be holding the next three-day TrotCon. Its theme will be circus/carnival, and we’re stoked to let you know that ALL of our previously announced community guests have said that they tentatively plan to return. For the record, that’s Foalpapers, RiffPonies, Fiaura the Tank Girl, Keeping Friendship Magic, Scope, Pixelkitties, Volrathxp, Alto Scribe, The Brony Critic and TJ Carson/Pirate Dash. Rawk.

We’re also continuing negotiations with our VIP guests, including some we hadn’t yet announced for 2020, for next year. That’s Tabitha St. Germain, Claire Corlett, M.A. Larson and Elley Ray, by the way. Some are confirmed, while others we’re still working out details with. We hope to have further announcements on ALL of these folks — plus those we haven’t yet announced — by June 9.

Why June 9? Well, that’s where refunds come in.

We realize that some of you will be no longer interested in attending TrotCon in 2021. And we get that. For reals. That’s why for the next four weeks, through the end of the day on June 9, we are offering full refunds to anyone who purchased a ticket for TrotCon 2020. This includes all sponsor badge tiers.

But in order to get a refund, you’ll need to do so by June 9, which is four weeks from today, May 12. After then, our usual refund policy will apply. That, in the majority of circumstances, will mean that refunds won’t be processed.

We do have other options for you, too! You’re more than welcome to — in fact, fingers crossed that ya do — roll over your TrotCon badge for 2020 to 2021. You’re even allowed to donate the cost of your badge to TrotCon to assist us with expenses from the cancellation, whether you plan on attending next year (note: you’ll need to purchase a new badge) or not.

Please note two things. One, if you cancel your badge for ’20 but then opt to purchase a new one for ’21, it will be at the current pre-reg price of $55, barring any sales, regardless of when you bought your badge (such as if you got yours at BronyCon 2019 for the $30 price).

Two, if you do opt to roll over your badge to ’21 OR donate the cost of your badge to the con, you’re gonna get something as thanks, likely picked up at the convention next year or mailed.

For more information on refunds, and to roll over your badge to 2021 or donate the cost, please visit this link.

As unfortunate as it is, this also means our hotel blocks at both the Crowne Plaza and the Ramada are going to be canceled. We were hoping we could roll them over to next year, but our hotel contacts told us this was not possible, mostly due to the change in year.

We know the Crowne Plaza in particular was a bit of a hot commodity this year, so we’re super sorry about that.

To cancel your reservation, the hotels are asking that you cancel the way you booked — so if you called to make one, please call. If you made one online, do so there. Or, ya know, just call in general if you want it done quickly.

When canceling your Crowne Plaza reservation by phone, please call 614-885-1885 and select option #2. When canceling reservations, please ask for TrotCon or reference the 3 letter code AJ2. Please try to do this by May 19, if possible.

If doing so with the Ramada, please call 614-890-8111 and reference TrotCon.

(And, hey, if you want to just go to the Crowne Plaza this July anyway and hang, keep your reservation. No one’s gonna stop ya. Just won’t be an event there. Just, like, let us know if that’s the case so we can make sure your reservation doesn’t get canceled by the hotel anyway.)

We will be reopening our Crowne Plaza hotel block when allowed to do so, which should be sometime in late summer or early fall. Note that we will give everyone a week’s notice in advance so that you can prepare to be online right when it opens, just in case demand is exceptional like it was for 2020. Should we again sell out the Crowne Plaza, we will move to the Ramada as our overflow hotel.

A couple more things here. Lots to unpack. Sorry for the essay.

You’ll note that all applications for panels, musicians and vendors had already closed for 2020. At this moment, we don’t plan to reopen applications for musicians and vendors. If you’re a vendor who’s already heard from us about having a table for 2020, consider that table still in place for ’21, if you want it. If you don’t, please get in contact with us ASAP, and your table fee will be refunded (unfortunately this will mean you don’t be able to get your spot back automatically; you’ll need to contact us if you want back on the waitlist). If you were on the waitlist, consider that still set as well, but give us a shout if you want to be removed.

As for musicians, we’ve already reached out to some of you. If we’ve done so, consider the offer for performing at TrotCon 2021 ALSO still open, tentatively, but for the time being, we’re keeping these on pause until we know a little more about 2021, such as our financials. If you’d like to rescind your application for, let us know.

Is there a possibility these applications — musician and vendor — might be reopened? Yes. But for now, we plan to go with what we already have, and that’ll likely only change if enough say they don’t plan to attend in 2021.

As for panel applications, we’re going to reopen those very briefly later this year, but if you’ve already applied for ’20, you’re set, no need to reapply. As before, if you want to rescind your application, please let us know.

Staff applications? Still open. We had planned to make further decisions on those in March, but once COVID-19 started spreading and the future of the con in July was in question, we held off on making any decisions. We’re going to stick to that until later this year. Community guest applications are in the same boat — still open, and we’ll reach out if we think there’s a doable match. (As before, consider your application open until we reach out — in both scenarios!)

Two more things! Firstly, we’re currently looking into the idea of doing an online event in late summer, no earlier than our original dates (July 17-19), similar to what Babscon did last weekend and what other online-only conventions have accomplished during quarantine. We’re ALSO open to the possibility of an in-person event later this year in Columbus that would allow us to get together on a smaller scale (a one- or two-day event), likely with no VIPs, should the global situation allow. More info on both of those as we have it.

Is that it? That might be it. But chances are you have some questions for us about which we haven’t even thought. If that’s the case, we invite you to contact us any way you know how — social media, email, Discord, wherever. We’ll get your question taken care of as soon as possible.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding here, and we apologize for any and all inconvenience. Again, if you wanna wash your hands of the whole thing, refunds are available. But we’ve got a lot of big plans for ’20 that are now being moved to ’21, and with more time, we think we can make next year even better than before. So we’re hoping you’ll stick with us!

Anyway, don’t come to TrotCon. Until next year.

by Kevin

Announcing 7 New Community Guests — Yeah, 7!

March 13, 2020 in Guest Announcement by Kevin

(Art: Ruef)

We at TrotCon first want to say that we’ve heard your concerns regarding COVID-19 and its effects on live events across the world, including postponements and outright cancellations. While we remain optimistic that all will be fine come the weekend of July 17-19, we realize this a fluid situation and that things can change at a moment’s notice. We encourage anyone to follow this page on our website and to keep up with us on social media for any further announcements about TrotCon 2020 with regards to the coronavirus.

That being said: again, we’re still on as scheduled right now, and we’ve got some new community guest announcement for you today!

In fact, seven of them.

This one’s a doozy, so let’s get right to it.

First, the returning parties at TrotCon 2020! We’re excited to welcome back Foalpapers, Pixelkitties, TJ Carson/Pirate Dash, The Brony Critic and volrathxp as community guests!

You might know Pixelkitties best from our vendor hall most years, where she’s often holding down an incredibly popular booth full of all kinds of wonderful pieces of artwork, or perhaps at various panels, including her bottle share she ran with Charlie Worthley at TrotCon the past two years. Even if you’ve never made it to TrotCon, you know her art if you’ve, y’know, been on the Internet at all, and you’re probably fairly stoked to get to meet the person behind all this wonderful creativity over the years in this fandom.

TJ Carson has been the moderator for multiple Tumblr ask blogs over the years, including the Ask Pirate Dash blog, and is also known at TrotCon the last few years for hosting or co-hosting some of the most entertaining, often wacky and off-the-rails panels the whole weekend. He’s also a talented staff member of conventions such as BronyCon (RIP!).

The Brony Critic is a favorite here at TrotCon too, providing us year after year with analytical panels about My Little Pony and fanfiction-forward events about good practices in writing, critiquing and more. Want someone with a good ear for MLP theories? A voice actor who’s appeared in Fiaura the Tank Girl’s Fallout Equestria: Dead Tree audiobook? He’s your guy.

Our prodigal son Foalpapers returned to TrotCon last year after a multi-year absence, and he returns for 2020 to again offer his exemplary services as an emcee and panel host for Q&As, discussions, charity auctions and much more. He’s also one of the fandom’s foremost authorities in mythology, particularly of the Greek variety and its connections to MLP.

And finally, volrathxp, returning for his second round as a TrotCon community guest. Joe Dyer is a fanfiction writer and content creator based here in lovely Ohio, the writer of multiple Fallout: Equestria-based fanfics such as Starlight, Mending Hearts and Reclamation Day. Have a fanfic or book you wrote and want it self printed? Talk to him, or perhaps attend his panel on it if it’s on our schedule, wink wink.

As for newcomers, we’re stoked to welcome Scope and Alto Scribe to TrotCon 2020!

As long as you’re on Twitter, you know Scope, who’s probably directed a good ol’ >:/ or some snarky retort your way at some point. Badge of brony honor, let’s say. And yet, he’s one of the fandom’s beloved, most favorite people, whether he likes it or not. We’re thrilled to host him this year and to see what kind of shenanigans befall all of you as a result.

Alto Scribe is probably best known for hosting a variety of extremely fun and entertaining game shows at conventions over the years. You can bet you’ll see some of them here at TrotCon 2020, and you’ll be bound to see Alto pop up on a variety of other panels as well, perhaps some hosted by some of the other folks we’ve announced today!

WHEW. OK. That’s everyone.

For now. We’ve got more in the pipe, just gotta dot our Is, cross our Ts, etc. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, remember that we’ve got pre-reg badges at $55 through June, and our panel applications are up until late April.

Come hang with us!

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Announcing Fiaura the Tank Girl, RiffPonies & Keeping Friendship Magic for TrotCon 2020

February 18, 2020 in Guest Announcement by Kevin

(Art: Ruef)

We here at TrotCon already have a handful of super rad VIP guests coming to our 2020 convention about which we’re super excited, but plenty of you have been asking us about community guests we’re bringing to the con this year.

Well, wait no more, because our first round of community guests is comin’ at ya!

We’ll be rolling out our community guest announcements for 2020 over the next few months, but we wanted to start with some oldies and goodies, folks who’ve been coming to our convention for a few years now and are returning yet again with community guest status.

First and foremost, please welcome back Fiaura the Tank Girl to TrotCon 2020!

We love Fiaura, a fact probably completely clear to those of you who’ve attended the last few years of TrotCon, since 2020 is simply her latest in a streak of appearances at the convention.

She’s behind a ton of community projects and pony-related content here in the fandom, including fanfiction, forays into the scientific aspects of My Little Pony, the subset of the fandom produced by Fallout: Equestria and much more. In fact, a new chapter of the Fallout: Equestria Dead Tree audio book will be premiering right here at TrotCon, so fans of that should get hella pumped.

We’re also excited to welcome back Forward Progress and the Keeping Friendship Magic team back to TrotCon.

A longtime panelist here at TrotCon, Forward Progress was promoted to community guest status for the first time in 2019, just in time for Forward Progress and girlfriend NovaRose to get engaged right on the TrotCon mane events stage. Good vibes all around last year, y’all!

For 2020, you can expect the same balance of informative and humorous panels and events from the Keeping Friendship Magic group. In fact, you might have even seen a sneak peek of a few of them during their 15-minute flash panels at the TrotCon booth at BronyCon 2019. We were, uh, the folks with the microphones probably clogging up the walkways on the right side against the wall of the venue. Oops.

Heck, you might even see Forward Progress teaming up with one Thoth Penswell for a few panels. Which reminds us…

We’re bringing RiffPonies back to TrotCon as well!

RiffPonies, the comedic duo of Thoth Penswell and Acesential, graced our stage(s) in 2019 with kazoo-fueled madness alongside their usual fare of trivia, talk shows, fanfic readings, riffing and more. You know them, you love them, and you’re going to get to see them again in 2020.

These are just three of our community guests for 2020 — and trust us when we say we’re not done. In fact, there are probably a few prospective guests reading this being all, “but wait, Kevin from TrotCon, you guys already reached out to us about being a guest! I sent you my OC reference. I SENT YOU MY OC REFERENCE.” Fear not, anonymous TrotCon 2020 community guest! We’re rolling out a few more of these announcements as we get closer to the convention; no need to toss ’em all out there at once.

So stay tuned, y’all! And if you’re a prospective community guest reading this who hasn’t yet applied, we’d love to hear from you; click the link for more!

by Kevin

Tabitha St. Germain’s Coming to TrotCon for the First Time!

January 10, 2020 in Guest Announcement by Kevin

(Art: Ruef)

Remember 2014? That’s the last time TrotCon had a voice actor of one of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic‘s mane six, and boy, have y’all let us know that fact over the years. Ever since we had Andrea Libman this year, we’ve been getting requests each year for Andrea, Tara, Tabitha and/or Ashleigh alongside our usual guest roster — and trust us, we’ve been listening! It just never really worked out.

Uh, until now.

We’re super stoked to let you know that Tabitha St. Germain is coming to TrotCon 2020!

Fans of MLP simply have to know about St. Germain. After all, she’s the voice of Rarity, one of the show’s most popular characters and fashion extraordinaire, as well as a score of secondary ponies on the show, including Princess Luna, Granny Smith, Derpy, Bon Bon and more. Many more. Like, dozens more.

Of course, that’s not all (is it ever?)! Her credits also include voice roles as part of the Barbie franchise, Dinosaur Train, Littlest Pet Shop, the Polly Pocket franchise and much, much more, along with some live action acting roles.

Tabitha St. Germain joins Claire Corlett, M.A. Larson and Elley Ray as our currently announced guests for TrotCon 2020! Want more? Ya gotta pre-reg, folks! And our $45 weekend (Friday-Sunday) price goes until the end of this month, when it’ll be up to $55 until we close pre-reg for good for 2020.

We’ve got more coming down the pipe, too! But in the meantime, hit up our website, which has some important hotel information, all applications (except vendors/artist alley, which is closed for ’20), a link to our Discord server and more. Oh, and come see us at Ohayocon this weekend, too! Be our friend. We need friends. 🙁

by Kevin

Elley Ray Is Back at TrotCon for a Third Straight Year

October 23, 2019 in Guest Announcement by Kevin

Art: Ruef

Well, look. We could totally spread out these guest announcements for 2020, yes. But we’re just too darn excited, you know?

It’s time for VIP announcement No. 3, following our previous reveals of M.A. Larson and Claire Corlett. While Claire is coming to TrotCon for the first time, our latest guest is, like Larson, a bit of a veteran.

No use beating around the bush any longer. Elley Ray is coming back to TrotCon.

Some of y’all are probably out here like, wait, disembodied TrotCon voice, wasn’t she already announced as coming back at TrotCon 2019’s closing ceremonies? Well, no, not exactly. While there were vague statements about how Elley herself was interested in basically living at TrotCon (which, hey, free coffee in the mornings) and how we’d love to have her any time she wanted to come back as long as all the stars aligned, neither side, y’know, signed any contracts or anything.

That’s changed! We can officially say that Elley is coming back. Prepare yourselves.

For the uninitiated, Elley Ray is a veteran actor whose credits on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic include Mistmane and a pair of changeling characters in “To Change a Changeling.” Her other roles stretch all the way back to the mid-1980s, when she appeared in multiple episodes of The Care Bears Family, Garbage Pail Kids and Sylvanian Families, and her voice has also been featured in Babar, Monster Force, Redwall, Rolie Polie Olie and many, many more.

If you’ve been to TrotCon the past two years or have attended a convention at which Elley has been a guest, you already know the drill here. If not? Expect a whole bunch of positivity and fun, which practically radiates from Elley, whether you’re meeting her at one of her panels, at an autograph signing or simply in the hallways of TrotCon, where she’s often found when she doesn’t have a prior engagement.

Oh, and there will be balloons. Maybe a pinata. Heck, that was just last year; who knows what she has in store for 2020?

I guess we’ll find out in a little less than nine months, when she joins all of y’all at TrotCon 2020, where we currently have $45 weekend badges available through February, when the price goes up to $55. And remember, kids 12 and under get in free with the purchase of an adult badge!